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World TB Day

Tuberculosis , also known as TB , is a common infectious disease, according to CHP statistics , last year recorded 4 000 cases. To prevent this disease , should be always on guard everyday life lungs, reducing the probability of lung infection. While today ( March 24 ) World Tuberculosis Day is on teaching the Chinese medicine and Western nutritionists everyone Nourishing.

Dietitian : aerobic exercise conducted
In addition to maintaining a balanced diet with the right amount of aerobic exercise is very important for enhancing lung function . " Aerobic exercise such as running, a lot can be inhaled oxygen to the lungs, strengthen the lung muscles, directly improve lung function ." She suggested that moderate-intensity physical activity can choose , for example, brisk walking , on flat or slightly inclined road cycling , etc., each conducted at least one hundred and fifty minutes a week , in order to strengthen the lungs.

Breakfast: Apple + Egg Salad tomato wheat bread + butter buttermilk
Lunch: fried bell peppers and carrot oat meal meat +
Snack : mixed nuts ( such as almonds, walnuts and pine nuts ) + Orange
Dinner: fried garlic steamed fish + broccoli + red rice
Natural camp food
Balanced and healthy diet can help keep the lungs "young" , it is recommended to eat the following foods can be multiple choice :
1 containing high natural antioxidants (Antioxidant) of vegetables and fruits , such as strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes , garlic , dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and bell peppers and so on.
2 nuts are rich in vitamin E , such as almonds , walnuts, pine nuts and sesame seeds.
3 with β -carotene (Beta Carotene) fruits and vegetables , such as carrots , sweet potatoes and pumpkin .
4 containing fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C , such as orange , apple and kiwi .
Qi moist soup to drink
• Sydney almond leaf soup Pipa
Sydney two
Almonds a tael
Piper leaves a tael
Bowls of water ten to twelve
Little Honey
Method: Wash all materials, cored and cut into pieces after Sydney , boil ten to twelve bowls of water, was added to each material burning about one to one and a half hours, you can add a little honey before drinking with drink.
Efficacy: lungs cough, expectorant , a large fine may also be suitable for drinking.
• Gold and silver almonds lung soup dish
Four or five taels of gold and silver dishes
Almonds a tael
Lung a
Sixteen to twenty bowls of water
Pinch of salt
Method : Wash the material , after lung boil water and cut into pieces , marinate with salt . Boil sixteen to twenty bowls of water, was added to each material burning about two and a half to three hours , seasoning and serve.
Efficacy: heat , lungs gas , cough , lung weak and heat are suitable for drinking .
• Water yam round meat soup
Yam a tael
Round meat half tael
Turtles a
Jujube six
Water fifteen to ten Liuwan
Pinch of salt
Method : Wash the material , fifteen to ten Liuwan boil water, add the various materials burning about two and a half hours , seasoning and serve.
Efficacy: Qi, Yin and lungs, turtles complement rather than dry , tuberculosis , Qi patient helpful.
Experts assess anecdotal remedies
• Additional water
Methods : more water can nourish the lungs , dry weather should drink more than the usual five hundred milliliters of water.
Comments : timely pay for lung health is very important, in addition to pay attention to the amount of drinking , Dr. Chen stressed , such as nasal congestion and more nasal fluid or have used a small amount of warm saline nasal inhalation , nasal wash . Smooth due to nasal breathing be smooth , favorable lung function.

• Always laughing
Methods : laugh often , inhale more oxygen , help to enhance lung function .
Comments : laugh makes the lungs expand, can help clear respiratory aggregate , Dr. Chen believes the lungs often laugh really good.
• cold exercise
Method: wash your face with cold water frequently , shower , can prevent colds or bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.
Comments : cold hardiness training can stimulate the body system , Dr. Chen suggested exercises should be gradual , but not in the winter in a cold shower , you can practice in the summer, when there is some basis only after the constitution considered by the autumn , winter swimming .
• Special breathing
Methods : a breath of fresh air to the suburbs , and strengthen lung function .

Note : consult a doctor before drinking .

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