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Wonderful water therapies – Swimming, Part 1

Mr. Chen, age 36, is a patient of gout. Since he started swimming, he couldn't stop this wonderful habit. Although he didn't know how to swim at first and his swimming postures were funny, after a few weeks of practices, he can already swim 700-800 meters. He felt a little shameful learning swimming at his age, but he found swimming is the first exercise ever that he really interested. Other than fulfilling his interest, swimming did help healing his gout problem. He's been taking medicines for gout for a few years. After he learned swimming, his gout seemed to have healed. The medicines were also cut to half of what he was taking by the doctor. His mom noticed that his health got improved a lot. Mr. Chen always got flu before but now he's much stronger and never caught a flu or even cold.

Mrs. Xiu was really negative after a motorcycle accident, especially her legs weren't able to walk, and she also lost her law suit against the person who caused the accident. All these made her turned very blue towards her life. She felt her life got ruined and even thought about committing suicide. After two surgeries on her legs and installed artificial joints, she started to learn how to walk again with a walking stick, trying to rebuild her life. However, her son and daughter had to take care of her in turns because they live and study far from home. She felt really like a burden to her family. Every day she wish she could take care of herself, but she can't even stand without support. A few days before her son go for military service, he brought Mrs. Xiu to swimming for the very first time. At first she wasn't interested, she was thinking to come back in an hour or two. However, once she tried, she loved it. She even asked her son, "Why didn't you bring me to swim earlier?"

Mrs. Xiu started to go swimming by herself since her son left. She didn't feel lonely because she found a new social life in swimming pool, and an interesting exercise that helped her legs recover. At first she started really slow, but after the help from the coach and other swimmers, she quickly learned all different styles of from breaststroke to freestyle. She started to walk better as well. At first her family just thought swimming helped curing her legs quick. Half year later, when Mrs. Xiu son went swimming with her, he found that her mom can swim almost faster than he could - a pretty big body swimming like a fish. He said her mom became a total different person, sort of like "resurrected". Mrs. Xiu, of course, really happy about the effects of this "therapy". Now she can go to the doctor's office by herself. She met another patient who replaced the joints at around the same time, still walking with a stick. She immediately shared her wonderful experience with swimming with that patient. Now she goes swimming everyday whether is sunny or rainy. She drives 30 minutes with her new motorcycle to the swimming pool. She doesn't mind that because swimming totally changed her life.

(to be cont'd)