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Wonderful water therapies – Spa, hot spring, etc, Part 6

(cont'd from part 5)

Healing with spa in hot spring definitely have certain ways when we take the bath. Some people thinkĀ  the hotter water the better, or the longer of the bath the better. However, these are wrong perceptions. Mr. Hong indicates that immersing in hot water for too long may hurt the skin, while the ability to dehydrate and calories burning is different from one to one. Taiwan and Japan are places that have mostly high temperature hot springs. The water can be as hot as 38-44 Celsius degrees. The extreme temperature one can resist in hot water is around 51 Celsius degrees, but Mr. Hong don't recommend that high because there's a disease called "spa-sick". Some guests never add cold water to sulfuric spring, because they think lower temperature isn't as enjoyable. They'll start going higher and higher without knowing it, and then the skin got irritated. If it's too itchy and they scratch it and hurting their skin, it's already quite serious. Another symptom is that they can't live without hot spring. If they don't go for a spa often, they find themselves sore, nausea and dizzy.

There's another spa called steam spa or Sauna which was originally from Finland. Now it's very popular in a lot of gyms and spa salon. Sauna room almost becomes a standard facilities in a lot of gyms, like a popular ways to maintain good shape and skin. Although Sauna room doesn't let people use lotion, but there are still people who'd use milk, baby oil or even yogurt and hopefully these nutrients will get absorbed into the body through steam.

(to be cont'd)