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Wonderful water therapies – Spa, hot spring, etc, Part 5

(cont'd from part 4)

Although nobody ever found a real "Forever Young" hot spring, certain people after many centuries still believe that spa or hot spring those water therapies can keep one young. So many people at least find themselves spiritually refreshed, physically energized and stress relieved after water therapies; some even find that consistent spa can make them feel lighter, lose some weight and hence feel younger. It's somewhat true that most guests in those hot spring resort, swimming pool, spa salon usually leave lively and relaxed. However, these effects may be temporary as well. For example, when we immerse our body into water, blood pressure will go lower, but it goes back up to previous stage when we go back home.

In general, water treatments don't add anything to the water. So does different quality of water or hot spring come with different healing effects?

For a long time, spa in hot spring has been seen as a form of regulating our body. According to Mr. Hong, part of the healing effects is because of our body absorbs the minerals from the hot spring. These minerals activate our cells and strengthen our immune system. A strong immune system definitely help our health. So if minerals are that important for the healing effects, the quality of spring water becomes something to be carefully considered. For example, in Taiwan most hot springs are carbonate spring or sulfuric spring. Carbonate spring is more neutral towards alkaline, while sulfuric spring is more of weak acidic. Because long terms storage and delivery of water would change the state of carbonate spring, hot spring resort can't be too far from the water source. Also they don't add extra water to the spring water because only original water has healing effects, and that's why they'll need some facilities to lower the heat source. As for sulfuric spring, it's acidic so long immersion would hurt our skin. They'll have to add extra water to dilute the acid while making sure it won't lose the healing effects. So the control of pH value would be very important.

(to be cont'd)