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Wonderful water therapies – Spa, hot spring, etc, Part 2

(cont'd from part 1)

Water therapy is not necessarily a Chinese alternative healing. Considering hot spring is one of the biggest genre in water therapy, it's more common in Japan and Korea. It's also a popular activity in America and Europe as well.

General workers and housewives treat spa or other water therapies as a way to relax and relieve their stress, both mentally and physically. Retired people use water therapies as an effective treatment to relieve the accumulated pain, sore joints and muscles.  Water therapy can heal a lot of different health problems from sprain, swollen feet, sore back, arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rehabilitation of heart and lungs functions, to stress relief and energy refreshments. A lot of problems that hospital can't help or little problems that we don't even bother to go to hospital, many people choose to go to spa, swimming pool, hot spring and Jacuzzi for solutions.

In fact, the nature of water has been used for treating certain diseases and sickness even by mainstream doctors. For example, the rehabilitation department of many hospitals use the warmth and the floating ability to heal patients who have problems with bones and muscles. Some doctors also recommend swimming as a long term treatment for patients that have disorders of heart and lungs. In Europe, America and Japan, using water therapy as treatments can qualify to claim insurance upon doctor's approval. The major difference of attitude between mainstream doctors and water therapists is that the range of the treatments of the former is not as wide as the later. And water therapists are more aggressive and confident in using water in various areas than mainstream doctors as well.

(to be cont'd)