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Wonderful water therapies – Spa, hot spring, etc, Part 1


When we talk about Spa treatment, it reminds us the massage with a effect of calm and comfort; it also reminds us the Jacuzzi with strong water streams that gives totally refreshing experience; and reminds us a pair of strong hands slowly and precisely treat our painful muscles and joints. Water can be so wonderful when we use it for health purpose.

A housewife run to the swimming pool every day taking her daughter to school, not for swimming, but for the Jacuzzi next to the major pool. She works from home for some extra money, but the job requires her sitting all the time which makes her neck and back tight, sore and even painful. The 1-2 hour session getting massage by the water streams in Jacuzzi becomes her best leisure time every day. She can't resist this water treatment that relieves her sore and pain and totally addicts to it.

A retired couple goes to the hot spring 5 times a week. Driving their 25 years old Toyota to the hot spring for a spa is almost like their habit now. 50 minutes of driving seems to worth it. They said they don't have much to do after retired, going to hot spring seem to be the best way to relax. Some friends joke about them taking care of their health as well as taking care of their 25 years old car.

Swimming, water aerobic exercises, hot spring, cold padding, heat padding, bath, shower, Jacuzzi, spa, water streams and different kinds of water therapies actually means using water in any form including hot water and cold water in liquid,  or ice and steam for health treatments. Almost we can do it everywhere from the bathroom, hospital, swimming pool to gym, hot spring and spa. Although water therapies are more for leisure than for curing, but the healing effects are pretty obvious that people start to make it as a healthy habit.

(to be cont'd)

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