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“Walking Qi Gong” introduced by film producer Raymond Wong

This is the continuation of the last article. Yesterday I posted the story of how the film producer Raymond Wong help fight against his wife's cancer with many different approaches including a Qi Gong called "Self-controlled Qi Gong, or "Walking Qi Gong". Raymond's wife started to practice "Self-controlled Qi Gong" after she found out the ovarian cancer in 1997. The doctor used a medicine called "TAXOL" for her chemotherapy. During that period, Raymond found some Ganoderma lucidum (LingZhi or Reishi) for her as supplements to reduce the side effects from the chemotherapy. He also accompanied her wife to study Qi Gong just in order to improve the internal strength to recover.

After 10 years, his wife is still healthy. She just finished a physical check and looked like the cancer didn't come back. She's been studying Qi Gong exercise for over 10 years and they consider this very helpful. When Raymond talked to his wife about readers showing strong interest in the Qi Gong she's practicing, she's decided to share an easy "Kidney protection" Qi Gong (one from the "Walking Qi Gong")  that helps to defend cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, lung diseases, infertility, hydronephrosis, cardiovascular disease: (Click the diagram below to zoom)


"Kidney protection" Qi Gong Reminders:

Head, Waist: Take center line of the body and twist about 45 degrees to left and to right.

Hands, Arms: Draw an internal  virtual line like writing the number "8"

Legs: Start walking naturally, step down with heel hitting the floor first, toes point upward

Mindset: Focus on one thought, or listen to own breaths

Speed: 50-60 steps per minute, keep it slow

Total time: 30 minutes for one session

Starting direction: facing south or east