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The New AIDS-Like Virus

The New AIDS-Like virus

A new AIDS-like virus that can be transmitted through saliva, blood, and unsafe sex outbreaks in China. Thousands of people are infected with this unknown virus ; 59 blood samples have been sent to the U.S. for testings. The Ministry of Health will soon be publishing the findings.

Patients of this AIDS-like disease have symptoms of HIV (unconscious sweats, numbness in hands and feet...etc), but has repeatedly resulted as negative in HIV tests. This is why the disease is also called Negative-AIDS.

This mysterious virus can be transmitted in ways like the HIV does. Patients may have lymph node swelling, subcutaneous bleeding, hair-like growth in tongue, and there is no cure. Infectious disease experts have no clue what the virus is, and it has continued to spread; the virus is now found in six province of China, with thousands of people being infected.

AIDS-Like virus / "Negative AIDS" symptoms

  1. Hair-like growth in tongue
  2. Lymphatic swelling and pain in many parts of the body
  3. Large blood stains skin and rash
  4. Beating muscle
  5. Strange sounds and pain in joints
  6. Unusual pain in muscles
  7. Flatulence and diarrhea
  8. Pharyngitis
  9. Sweat
  10. Weak and numbness of hands and feet
  11. Gingival inflammation
  12. Oral ulcers
  13. Anorexia
  14. Rapid weight loss
  15. Arrhythmia
  16. Sleep seizures
  17. Candida albicans
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