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Foods that keeps you warm in winter (Part 3)

(cont'd from part 2)

After lamb and beef in part 1 and some hardcore food in part 2, it's time for some veggies. There are certainly foods that can keep our body warm for vegetarians other than meats.

6. Chestnut

Chestnut contains high sugar and lipase which are good for cold resistance. Take 15 chestnuts, peel off the shell and cook porridge with rice can help generate more heat for weaker people with "cold" and "empty" kidneys or who feel weak with the back and legs.

7. Leek

Leek contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin A, B, C and calcium, potassium and iron. It tastes bittersweet but helps supplement a weak body. Chop the leeks and cook porridge with rice can generate warmth and even helps menstruation disorders. Good for people who always feel cold with sore knees and back.

8. Spice food

Garlic, ginger, green onion, carrot, walnut, jujube and some "irritating" food such as pepper and coffee can help with cold resistances as well.


Foods that keeps you warm in winter (Part 2)


(cont'd from part 1)

Ok, last time we talk about lamb, lamb milk and beef can keep us warm because the nature of these food. There are more nasty food from Chinese point of view that can keep us warm during winter. However, in western culture, these are definitely either prohibited or hard to imagine. If you can't bear with this list, jump to part 3 and we'll talk about something for vegetarian.

3. Dog meat

Yeah I know that sounds crazy. But there are certain kinds dogs in China that are fed as pig or cow or chicken - they are supposed to be food. I don't dare to try myself, but I heard it's the best meat among all in terms of taste. Of course, western culture treats dogs as pet so it's probably a gross thing to imagine. From medical point of view, dog meat can stabilize the functions of organs, produce heat especially for weak people who have back pain and cold feet. However, it's easy to get thirsty afterwards and supposed to relieve the thirst by drinking rice soup. People with mucus and a lot of "heat" inside shouldn't take it. (Actually, I don't expect anyone reading this blog would even wanna try dog meat.)

4. Rabbit meat

Another meat that sounds gross to certain people. However, rabbit meat is pretty normal even in western culture. I had tried it myself but I didn't like it as much as other. It's opposite to dog meat, more like a "cold" meat that helps with flow of the "Qi" (Chi), dilute the blood and cleanse the poisonous elements. It is a high protein and low fat meat with the least cholesterol among all meat. Best for people with high blood pressure and heart attack, and also great for middle age and seniors.

5. Skin of shrimps

Ok, this doesn't sound as "brutal" as the above two - when I think about it, all meats are the same unless you're a vegetarian. Anyway, skin of shrimps usually can be eaten as dried shrimps. They're very normal in Chinese cuisine and used pretty frequently. They help the function of kidneys and heal the coldness caused by weak kidneys.

(to be cont'd)


Foods that keeps you warm in winter (Part 1)


In Chinese culture, other than dressing up with more clothing and eat something hot, eating particular food to help ourselves produce more eat is another way to keep ourselves warm in winter. In Western culture, it's about calories. In Chinese medicine point of view, there are more than calories to heat up our bodies.

1. lamb meat and milk

Lamb meat has high protein but relatively low cholesterol and high calories. It helps with the heat and the "Qi" (or Chi) flow in our body. It's a good meat that even weak body can enjoy.(like ladies right after pregnancy or people who always feel cold.)

Lamb milk is not easy to find, but it's also a great food for winter and it's easier to absorb than other milk. It moisturize our body and keep us warm as well.

2. beef

Beef is another meat that helps the flow of blood and Qi (Chi) which transports energy and heat around the body. It's helps strengthen the kidneys, pancreas and stomach as well. It's also a great food for weak people who always feel cold.

(to be cont'd)