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“Walking Qi Gong” introduced by film producer Raymond Wong

This is the continuation of the last article. Yesterday I posted the story of how the film producer Raymond Wong help fight against his wife's cancer with many different approaches including a Qi Gong called "Self-controlled Qi Gong, or "Walking Qi Gong". Raymond's wife started to practice "Self-controlled Qi Gong" after she found out the ovarian cancer in 1997. The doctor used a medicine called "TAXOL" for her chemotherapy. During that period, Raymond found some Ganoderma lucidum (LingZhi or Reishi) for her as supplements to reduce the side effects from the chemotherapy. He also accompanied her wife to study Qi Gong just in order to improve the internal strength to recover.

After 10 years, his wife is still healthy. She just finished a physical check and looked like the cancer didn't come back. She's been studying Qi Gong exercise for over 10 years and they consider this very helpful. When Raymond talked to his wife about readers showing strong interest in the Qi Gong she's practicing, she's decided to share an easy "Kidney protection" Qi Gong (one from the "Walking Qi Gong")  that helps to defend cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, lung diseases, infertility, hydronephrosis, cardiovascular disease: (Click the diagram below to zoom)


"Kidney protection" Qi Gong Reminders:

Head, Waist: Take center line of the body and twist about 45 degrees to left and to right.

Hands, Arms: Draw an internal  virtual line like writing the number "8"

Legs: Start walking naturally, step down with heel hitting the floor first, toes point upward

Mindset: Focus on one thought, or listen to own breaths

Speed: 50-60 steps per minute, keep it slow

Total time: 30 minutes for one session

Starting direction: facing south or east


An inspiring little Qi Gong story from film producer Raymond Wong

Recently I've read an article written by a famous Hong Kong film producer named Raymond Wing Bak-Ming. Usually he writes about movie industry or any interesting celebrities worked with him in his column. This time he talks about a little Qi Gong Story that helped healing the cancer of his wife, because he's also famous of fighting along with his wife's against her cancer around 12 years ago. He was a very famous Hong Kong movie director and producer. His career was always the first priority, family came second. There was a time he had affairs and almost left his wife and children...however, in 1997 he found his wife suffering from the last stage of ovarian cancer. This sudden change awakened him and figured out his wife is the most important person to him. He stopped all his work and began look around any possible healing method for his wife. He tried multiple approaches together, including chemotherapy, Qi Gong, shark cartilage powder, Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Reishi in Japanese or Ling zhi in Chinese), traditional Chinese medicine with all love, care and support from himself and their children. It turned out his wife was cured after 4 months, and he even wrote the full story into a book to share their experience.

The article I read wasn't from the his book. It's from his column on a magazine. He said there's a kind of Qi Gong (there're many kinds of Qi Gong) called "self-controlled" Qi Gong.  He called it "Walking Qi Gong" because the postures are mostly walking. He also warned that only use Qi Gong exercise as supplementary help for treating cancer, not for major cure.

"Self-controlled" Qi Gong is based on the Traditional Chinese medicine theory, "Losing control is the base of all causes of diseases ." (This also refers to my last few articles about the imbalance of Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang causing diseases as well.) Through the study of Qi Gong, people learn how to control, lead the Qi (or Chi), and encircle it back as a cycle. Hence strengthen the self-adjustment system in the body. This "Self-controlled" Qi Gong were proved effective to around 32% cancer patients. Some patients even think it cured their cancer. But Raymond Wong think this Qi Gong is more like playing a role of reviving the weak body instead of curing cancer directly. That's why even some patients of chronic disease study this kind of Qi Gong and "mend" their body, and recover along with the traditional medical treatments .

Tomorrow, we'll continue to talk about the particular "Walking Qi Gong" that his wife has been studying.


Chinese Qi Gong – Healing with the flow of vital energy

Qi, (pronounced as "chi" in Mandarin, "hey" in Cantonese) is a vital energy in Chinese medical theory. and "Qi Gong" is the way of how to use this energy to heal your body, or even other people's body. I've had my neck pain (Cervical spondylosis) as well as hurting my lower back about the same time around the end of last year. While my shoulder and my neck had been painful and my right arm was numb since Christmas, I was trying to avoid seeing any doctor cuz I thought that was just some ergonomic problem  causing by my pose I sitting in front of my computer. The real cause of go see a doctor was after twisted and hurt my lower back about a month later - I couldn't even walk. (I still have my walking stick next to my bed  just to remind me to treasure my health) After I got my MRI report of both my neck and my back, my chiropractor urged me to see my family doctor to discuss my neck problem - because it turned out my neck's mess is much worse than my hurting lower back. Fortunately, the cervical sergeant  referred by my doctor said it's still ok not to go for surgery yet. He suggested that I can use painkillers until I really can't bear the pain, but the pain won't go away unless I decided to go for a surgery.

Cervical surgery wasn't something that I'd prefer although the pain was still very annoying. So I did a lot of research and asked around if there's any other ways to heal my neck. Since I'm a Chinese myself, of course I would like to see if there's a better approach than surgery. I found two approaches, one is through Tao Yin (導引in Chinese) method, it's like physical therapy, with certain exercises through pull or push. The other one is Qi Gong (氣功 in Chinese), you get cure through this "Qi" energy healing by a healer. Physically you don't even have to do anything. It sounds ridiculous, but that was suggested by my in-laws. My in-law had serious lower back pain long time ago. He had tried 10 different doctors and still couldn't get any better. The last hope fell on Qi Gong. It turned out he got healed and the pain was 90% gone after about 10 treatments.

I wasn't really believing Qi Gong that much because lying there doing nothing and then got healed didn't sound really realistic to me. But since my in-law was cured there and highly recommended, I visited a master of Qi Gong - Master Zhao, and gave it a try, suspiciously. The look of Master Zhao is a little different from other old man. I know he's about 70 years old, but he's really got some nice skin. I brought my MRI films and report on my first visit. However, before I even start talking about my problem, Master Zhao just told me to lay on a bed, with a patient on another bed in the same room. I didn't tell him where I was hurting because he just told me to keep silent.

First amazing thing happened: he looked at me for a few seconds and then told me my neck and my lower back got hurt without even looking at my MRI report! He pointed at his own neck and lower back and located the pain. I was so surprised. He pointed at his nose and told me that I have allergies - I didn't even have any symptoms showing because that wasn't the right season yet. He told me my stomach is cold and there was something wrong. This time I thought he's wrong - I didn't have anything wrong with my stomach. However, I suddenly remembered that I just had an icy cold soda right before I came in! Alright....may be he's right then. My in-law and some research I read about him said he got "X-ray" eyes and I didn't understand what that meant. Now I know....I think he even got "Infra-red  eyes" indeed.  Then he told me to wait and he started to talk to another patient. I was kind of sneaky that I tried to listen to what he said to another patient - I know it's not an appropriate thing to do, but I really want to know if he's going to say something generic to hit whatever symptoms - because I was still a little  suspicious that he may be a fraud. It turned out that patient who were there got nothing that were similar to me. And she nodded about 80% to what he said.

Master Zhao came back to me and started to place his hands above me sweeping around without any touching. He asked me how I feel. I told him I didn't feel anything. He was a little upset and just threw two words to me, "Think feet." Then he just ignored me and walked to another patient instead. I was like...what? Am I supposed to lie to YOU? Am I supposed to feel anything? Come on, I'm a patient here! I was a little upset of his attitude...but since I was so painful with my neck and back, I just got to bear with it. Master Zhao did the same thing to another patient and he then even walked out to another room for other patients.  I was like...huh? That's it? You just ignored us if we don't believe you?  Suddenly I remember he said, "Think feet." I was like...what the heck does that mean...alright whatever, I'll just "think" about my "feet".  I don't know what that really meant but I just started focusing on my feet. Trust me. Thinking about your feet wasn't anything interesting, even for just a few minutes.

Suddenly I started to feel something weird with my lower back...some kind of "bubble popping" feeling inside where the pain was. I don't know how to describe exactly, but something flowing around that area stimulating my muscle or something. Nothing happened to my neck yet. Master Zhao came back and swept again and didn't say anything. After about 10 minutes, I started to feel cold. I was like, what happened to the air conditioning? Then I started to find out the coldness wasn't from the outside. That was from inside my body! I feel the bed, the wall with my hand and arm, and those were even warmer than my body. I was getting colder and colder and I was freezing even my teeth were shaking. I told Master Zhao about it and he smiled (I felt like he was actually laughing at me). He said I got too much "garbage" Qi in my body. These bad Qi were releasing from my body. "Continue to think feet, "he said. He lightly pressed his hand on neck -man his hand was cold too. Trust me, freezing cold from inside your body is some experience that you can never forget.

At about the end of session, he told me to sit up and he put his cold hand on the top of my head. I started to feel warmness from the air surrounding me -although my description here is terrible, but yeah that's really how I felt. I was a little tired because of the shaking. Master Zhao did the same thing to another patient. I asked her before if she felt cold when Master Zhao was out of the room. Surprisingly, she said didn't feel any coldness. I don't know how he treated her differently. But it seems it really wasn't the air condition that made me cold. I checked my bed when Master Zhao was with that patient - it's just a very normal bed - no tricks or anything....ok, I really experienced Qi Gong. But I know what you guys really concern would be if my pain has gone. Yes and no...the neck was still the same, but the lower back felt relieved.

Master Zhao's wife is a friendly and beautiful lady. She told me to come often for a few more times. I made another appointment and left. I did more research about Master Zhao and dug deeper on his website, after I had this weird Qi Gong experience. (Sorry, I really can't say it feels wonderful.) After I read more about this famous Qi Gong Master from China. I know he cured a lot of people including some Chinese government leaders . He served in a special government Qi Gong healing department. He can even cure cancer or more troublesome disease. And if he thinks it's too late, he wouldn't do it because he wouldn't give people fake hope.

Anyway, my neck and lower back were still hurting after my first visit. But at least I can barely walk without that walking stick. In my second visit, I didn't feel as cold as before, only my feet and my legs felt cold. Master Zhao said my bad Qi were released last time. He did about the same thing to me and yeah, "think feet." After about 3 visits, as you may know, my lower back pain is gone after a few weeks. My neck pain got improved a lot. My numbness was gone. That little neck pain left was still annoying and I visited a few more times for that. At my last visit, he told me I should be ok - although the pain was still there. But after I stopped going for about two months, the neck and shoulder pain are almost totally  gone. I'm so glad that I can type in front of a computer again without too much trouble. Of course, he told me to do more exercises and stretching, like what a normal doctor told me.  I'm so thankful that I got healed by Qi Gong - the stress of going to surgery really had me worried. I still haven't got my another MRI yet, so I don't know if "physically" my neck is already healed. But at least the pain is gone.

If you want to know how to contact him, this is his website: .

I wish I can learn Qi Gong to heal myself and even others. But too bad it seems like my talent didn't work for that. Even my mom had learned Qi Gong - when they started, they move their body "involuntarily" like doing exercises automatically. But that never happened to me. Well...maybe I can't focus at all.

Anyway, we'll talk about something else next time.