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Fruits for curing Insomnia

Recently I met a friend who dreams a lot - literally - which means she never really sleep very well. Somehow I read a Chinese article about eating certain fruits can improve insomnia. Here I'd like to share it in English. I have no idea if these will work. But after all, they're just FRUITS. It's no harm no matter what.

Most people have to take pills for better sleep. Of course, in this blog we try to recommend every healing methods, not necessary Chinese, that are more natural or at least more "organic". There are some specialists recommending certain fruits that helps sleep.


1. Kiwifruit

The latest research says taking two kiwifruit everyday can improve sleeping quality for 40%. Sleeping problem usually caused by exciting nerve system or abnormal hormone secretion from stress. The calcium in kiwifruit, which rarely appears in fruit, helps to stabilize emotion and control sensory nerves. The calcium, magnesium and vitamin C helps the material transportation within the sensory nerve  system.


2. Grapes

There is a research saying grapes helps healing insomnia because grapes contains an element that is called "Melatonin". Melatonin is secreted from pineal in our brain and it helps adjust the sleeping time. Melatonin is mostly secreted at night to tell us it's about time to sleep. So if we eat grapes, more melatonin will tell our brain to start sleeping. So grape wine would help even better because it contains alcohol as well.


3. Jujube

Jujube is more like a Chinese fruit. It helps stabilize mental state. We can also boil jujube after dinner with some water and drink it or make jujube porridge with lily leaves to eat before sleeping. It's going to help sleeping.


4. Apple

Well, apple seems to be good for health. Basically it's supposed to be good for everything, like Kiwifruit, Calcium and Vitamin C and many elements helps our sensory nerves. However, another reason apple can help sleeping is its smell. It's smell strongly stabilize our nerve system and help us sleep.