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Stroke Symptoms – “FAST”

Stroke Symptoms - "FAST"

If not treated immediately, it increases the chance of death from stroke, or it may cause long term disability. Remember the stroke symptoms- FAST. If the following symptoms occur, the condition should be treated ASAP!

  • "F" is the FACE, observe the patient's facial expressions to see if both sides of the face is symmetrical.
  • "A" is the ARM,  raise the patient's arm to see if either one hand is too weak to stay raised and then hanged.
  • "S" is SPEECH, have the patient read a sentence to see if it is clear and complete.
  • IF any one of the above symptoms occur, the patient should seek medical assistance immediately.
  • "T" is the TIME, time is critical; it's important to record the times when stroke symptoms occurred to help medical staff better understand the situation.

One patient died from every ten patients of stroke; two would become physically handicapped. Person who had stroke before has 10 times the chances of having stroke again compare to those who are the same age but had not experienced stroke. Therefore, people who had stroke before should pay close attention to their own health condition; quit smoking, exercise regularly, maintain routine physical examination to ensure the level of blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol are at an acceptable level to prevent strokes from occurring again.

In addition, monitor blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol regularly, drink plenty of water,  consume fiber to prevent constipation, and avoid sudden exertion, tension, excitement, and intense exercise, all these may prevent occurrence of stroke.

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