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Story of Yunnan Baiyao (part 1)


Last post we talked about "Yunnan Paiyao" to stop nosebleed. Yunnan Baiyao (or Yunnan Paiyao) (simplified Chinese: 云南白药; traditional Chinese: 雲南白藥) is a haemostatic powdered medicine. In fact, it's become one of the most valuable patent formula in China and officially categorized as one of the two "Class -1 protected traditional patented formula" in 1995 by the government. It was famous being carried by Vietcong to stop bleeding during Vietnam War.

"Yunnan Baiyao" was created in 1902 by a Chinese doctor called Dr. Qu Huangzhang. He's famous in Jiang Chuan county at Yunnan. However, in order to escape from the war, he wandered around and researched for 10 years with other doctors and finally invented this formula. His medicine and a few more formulas were patented in 1916 and allowed for sale. It became popular real quick because it's inexpensive and really worked well, especially during the wars. Then he put more efforts on improvements and created variable forms of Yunnan Baiyao including pills, powder, sprays for different uses. There is even a pill that's for emergency use - like a person is deeply hurt and about to die. So because of military purpose, the formula became a top secret that the government helps to keep.