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Story of Yunnan Baiyao (part 2)


(cont'd from part 1)

As mentioned in last post, the formula and the production method of Yunnan Baiyao has been a top secret and there's only one copy heavily guarded in Chinese armed forces. Somehow certain books and magazines revealed a few formula and production methods, but the original Yunnan Baiyao owner said they're all incorrect. The active ingredients and chemical structure have been a big concern for medical scientists around the world. They have tried a lot of different modern analysis to figure out what it is. They found many active compound including calcium phosphate.  However, different teams of researcher found different mixed components with different proportions. So it's still a mystery of how it works.

For about half century, Yunnan Baiyao was in powder form in slightly yellow color with a special scent. It tastes a little bitter and sour, and brings a little cool and numbness to the tongue. However, powder form has a disadvantage of hard to determine serve size, and hard to swallow. As the medical industry grows, the forms of Yunnan Baiyao developed into different forms including pills, paste, and spray forms. On the other hand, according to the seriousness of the diseases or injuries, experienced traditional Chinese doctor would add Yunnan Baiyao into other herbal medicines and create other forms. Right now powder form is 4 grams a bottle and comes along with an emergency pill called "insurance pill". It's a little red pill and slightly brown inside, tastes bitter. I heard it saves people from death many times.

(to be cont'd)