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Single-herb formula for Athlete’s Foot, Part 2

(cont'd from Part 1)

This is another single-herb formula to heal athlete's foot.

MI TUO MENG (Galena)


10-15 grams of Mi Tuo Seng (buy it powdered)


This single-herb raw formula is best for Athlete's Foot. It absorbs fluid, drains sores, ulcers, and damp skin eruptions, reduces swelling, and eliminates leukoderma. (deficiency of pigmentation in the skin, especially in patches)


Mi Tou Seng drains pus and eliminates ulcers and different forms of leukoderma.


It can be used topically as powder. It can also be sprinkled on the infected area, or mixed with water to make a paste and apply to the infected area. Use as needed until the infection is clear.


This formula is for EXTERNAL use, do not use it internally!

(source: Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, by Thomas Richard Joiner)