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Single-herb formula for Athlete’s Foot, Part 1

Athlete's Foot is caused by a fungal infection called tinea pedia. It's often contracted by walking barefoot in public showers and locker rooms. It's usually treated with topical salves, creams, lotions or by bathing the feet in antifungal washes.

Chinese herbalogy takes a different approach somehow in order to treat athlete's foot. There are pills for elimination and also for preventing initial infection if taken in advance.

There are two single-herb formula for athlete's foot. I'll list the first one now and the second one in the next post.

PENG SHA (Borax, Mineral Salt)


10-15 grams of Peng Sha (buy it powdered)


This single-herb raw formula is used directly on the infected area to destroy the bacterial fungus found. It prevents putrefaction, detoxifies poison, kills bacteria and reduces swelling.


It clears pathogens, toxins and fungi from our body.


This powder can be sprinkled between the toes and on the infected area, or mixed with water to make a paste and apply to the infected area. Use as needed until the infection is clear.


This formula is for EXTERNAL use, do not use it internally!

(to be cont'd)

(source: Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, by Thomas Richard Joiner)