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San Shedan Chuanbei Ye for coughing


"San Shedan Chuanbei Ye" is totally a pronunciation of a very sweet, over the counter dietary supplement. Although it actually taste pretty good, probably not many western people dare to take it. It's made of the "guts" of three different kinds of snake, mixed with herbs , mostly Chuanbei, and then made a filtered concoction. It's good for coughing especially for dry cough or cough with mucus. A lot of times when you tried everything and the doctor says your x-ray report is fine and the cough still doesn't stop, this dietary supplement may worth a try.  It's an award winning product in Guang Zhou. However, there are different brands. Certain people try different brands and mostly they work. In fact, there's only one brand so far I see that is sold in America, that is the one brand that won the award.

These "liquids" are contained in a small sealed bottle and you're supposed to suck it up with a straw. The taste is more sweet than bitter and a lot like honey. If you keep coughing and none of your doctors could help, you may just try this famous medicine in China.