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Psoriasis and Heart Disease

Psoriasis and Heart Disease

Research found that middle-aged psoriasis patients are two times more likely to have heart disease.  University of Pennsylvania studies found that the risk of  patients with severe psoriasis that are 40 years old or older having heart diseases are two times higher than non-psoriasis patients. For patients with mild psoriasis,  their chances of having  heary diseases are 20% higher than non-patients. Researcher noted that psoriasis patients that are affected in elbow and knees do not need to worry as much, but suggested that they check with physicians to ensure that there are no other risk factors for heart diseases.

Part of the research funds were sponsored by a pharmaceutical company; the conclusion of the research was based on the medical record of 680,000 psoriasis patients in England. However, a scientist who had not involved in the research said psoriasis and heart disease are not closely related. According to the scientist's figures, among 3646 patients with mild psoriasis, only 1 had heart disease.

Dermatologists said, psoriasis has nothing to do with the fungus; it is non-infectious. Causes include immune system disorders, stress, tension, lack of rest, and drinking. Psoriasis patients have skin with red patches covered with a layer of silver-white scales.