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Portable Radiation Detector that you can carry anywhere

Portable Radiation Detector that you can carry anywhere After the nuclear power plants leakage at Japan and terrorist attacks threat around the world, radioactive contamination will no doubt be the long term worries.  Also, you may interested in knowing how much radiation you are absorbing when you are talking on the cellphone,  walking under the power lines, and operating  electrical appliances in your house. Here are 2 high-rated handheld Radiation detector that you may want to get just in case. It is  easy to use and accurate.  The first one give you visual and audible alarm with clear indication of radiation levels even in the dark. The second one is really small and you can attach it with your keychain.

Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector (Find this product from Amazon)

NukAlert™ nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm (Find this product from Amazon)