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Orange Vs. Cough


To stop coughing is always a hassle. I recently heard a special natural healing recipe that uses orange. It doesn't matter how much vitamin C in an orange. Citrus in orange always triggers more coughs. So in traditional Chinese medical point of view, orange is always bad for coughing.  However, this easy recipe for healing cough is going the opposite - JUST use an orange, but BAKED in an oven first. Here are the steps:

The only ingredient is just a fresh orange. Peel off the skin of the top of the orange for about a size of a quarter coin. The purpose is to force the heat directly into the orange. Place the orange into the oven and bake for  10 minutes in high heat. There will be a nice, "moist" smell from the oven. After the top of the orange is shows a little burn, it's time to pull it out. It's very hot so be careful when you handle this round little thing. A baked or roasted orange is very easy to peel the skin off, and it's sweeter than a fresh orange. Season with a little salt then it's going to be even sweeter but also more effective to stop coughing. Especially if you just start coughing, usually just one baked orange will work. It doesn't matter if it's Sunkist or expensive Japanese orange, sea salt or kitchen salt, as long as they're orange and salt then this formula should work.

A baked orange is very easy and inexpensive to prepare. The nice taste should keep the kids happy as well. At least there's no side effects. It's non-drowsy and it won't ruin your appetite.