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my iphone 6 bend photo

I definitely love my new iPhone 6 Plus!! With Apple's new flexible display feature.  We should have it rename to "ibend 6" and "ibend 6 plus".

If you don't want to enable this new Apple flexible screen feature or curved screen feature, never put your new iphone 6 in your pocket.  Don't sit on it and drop it!!!! However, this thinner iphone 6 made of aluminum which is a malleable metal. Can't say that I'm surprised. Disappointed yes, surprised no. Apple support says bent iPhones must pass a visual inspection to qualify for warranty replacement.

Now, I need to shop for a reliable iphone 6 case, a strong case that provide extra protection from flexing or bending, and damage from dropping the my iphone 6.


ibend 6

ibend 6

iphone 6 bend photos

iphone 6 bend pictures

iphone 6 bent photos

iphone 6 bent pictures

iPhone 6 Plus damage report

iphone 6 plus warranty

iphone 6 plus replacement

By Apple Watch released until now, Apple will just say "early 2015" launch, and did not really month. But even today, there are Apple internal notice outflow, revealing a more definite timetable.

Apple vice president of retail and online stores recently issued an internal notice to the Apple Store employees, the staff prepare for the upcoming shopping season - Christmas and New Year. Most notably, she also specifically referred to "watch spring will launch a new" obviously refers to Apple Watch.

Out of this internal notice also revealed that Apple employees, Apple is also working to improve Apple Watch battery system. The goal now is to reduce the time required for charging.

"So, again, we do you guys were hired because you're the best people in the world. And you know how to service customers, but we are sprinting a marathon right now, and it's not going to stop. right? We're going into the holidays, we'll go into Chinese New Year, and then we're got a new apple watch launch coming in the spring 2015. So, I just, I really wanted to say, stop for a moment, take a deep breath. Realize that every customer you touch and again I know you know this but you're really busy so just every customer that your touch, how do you make sure that they will walk away feeling very different, very positive, than before they walked into that store or they interacted with you."

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iphone 6 plus burn smell

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iphone 6 plus screen damage