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Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer symptoms checklist:

  1. Coughing - cough that does not go away or gets worse over time should raise concern for lung cancer. Especially when coughed-up blood occurs.
  2. Sensitive to smell - for example, cooking smell
  3. Foot pain and foot swelling - normally the tumor will be found on your left lung if your left foot is swelling. Foot numbness is also a sign of lung cancer.
  4. Shortness of breath - keeping track of your breathing intervals and the length of breath hold.  Sudden increase of your breathing intervals also raise concern for lung cancer.
  5. Weight Loss - one of the most common lung cancer symptoms
  6. Chest pain - another common symptom which found in one-fourth of people with lung cancer. The pain is aching, dull and persistent.
  7. Continuous respiratory infections - for example pneumonia or bronchitis which can be a sign of lung cancer.
  8. Back pain - especially mid-Back pain can be a sign of lung cancer.
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