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Know more about Acute Radiation Damage

Acute radiation damage

Ionizing radiation will destroy the chemical balance of tissues, the role of intracellular molecules and free radical formation, which causes a specific biophysical (biophysical) change in the body. This article will provide you with information on early signs and damage and emergency care of ionizing radiation.

Acute Radiation Symptoms  (ARS)

Exposure to hundreds or thousands of RADs (Roentgen Absorbed Dose) of the radiation field for a few minutes will lead to acute radiation symptoms (acute radiation syndrome). Because cell's  sensitivity to radiation varies, it takes time for different damage symptoms to appear after acute, over exposure.

1. The first/ immediate (prodromal) phase

Prodromal means leading, it also represents the start of the disease (initial stage). As low as 50 RADs can cause prodromal symptoms, prodrome will occur within a few minutes of exposure to more than 1,000 RADs of radiation.  Symptoms include nausea , vomiting, and diarrhea, it is also known NVD symptoms.

2. Latent period

After the prodromal symptoms, latency (latent period) may follow. There are no signs of physical injuries. In fact, lethal effects or recovery process has just begun.The second phase, latent period, may last from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the amount of radiation absorbed.