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Hand reflexology for headache and migraine

So again after hand acupressure, we'll talk about hand reflexology for headache and migraine.

As last post mentioned, headache can be caused by a lot of different reasons like flu, arteriosclerosis, brain tumors or brain cancers. Other than the serious problems, minor ones like toothache, season change, or even inappropriate size of shoes causing toe pain. It's pretty often that menstruation period and menopause would cause headache as well. So if it's not serious brain issue, headache can be caused by some environmental change. But consistent headache is definitely very annoying, and may eventually become a chronic disease.

There is a housewife who had been suffering with headache since her second child was born. The headache also get her into bad mood very easily. She uses a lot of pain killers but the side-effects are making her health get worse. She then heard about acupressure and came to a practitioner. She told the practitioner that she has headache even right at the moment. The practitioner put some lotion on the headache reflexive area on her thumbs (see diagram). Then he put her hands on his knees and clip her thumbs with his fingers and massage her thumbs towards her wrists. Afterwards, he uses his thumb and massage hard at the center of the palm which is called "Tai Yang Nerve reflexive area" for a few times, at the same time wrap the right thumb with cotton threads (not too tight). The practitioner then said, "Later on, you can put some lotions between fingers and massage your fingers like your praying." 10 minutes later, this housewife already forgot about the headache.

Acupressure is actually a good way to heal headache, at least as a headache relief. If you're busy and can't do massage slowly, you can use a laundry clip to clip the head of the thumb, which are reflexive area for the head and the neck. A little tight will be even better. Until the thumbs get a little numb and turn a little pale, take the clips down a take a little break. Then clip them back and repeat. Stimulation can be harder if you want to get rid of the pain quicker.

For chronic headache, walking often is pretty effective for relieving the pain. 40% of acids in our body is burned by our brain. Headache actually means the our brain wasn't active enough. So with exercise and walking we can ensure to deliver enough acids to the brain and activate the brain cells better. Deep breaths definitely helps too.

However, the headache caused by arteriosclerosis, cerebral anemia and brain tumors/cancers can't be ignored. So check with the doctor if the headache lasts long.