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Hand Acupressure/Reflexology for low blood pressure

In contrast of the energetic high blood pressure patients, low blood pressure is definitely the opposite, causing the patient sleepy all the time, and their limbs are usually cold. High blood pressure is definitely dangerous, but low blood pressure is painful as well. Usually the standard readings of low blood pressure on the meter are maximum under 100mm and minimum under 60mm. The cause of low blood pressure are usually genetic reasons. Low blood pressure patients are usually tend to be weak, but they have longer life. The price of this kind of longevity is that there are a lot of little health problems in daily life, and don't feel well. Symptoms include fainting when standing, cerebral anemia, cold limbs, headache, tinnitus...etc. Women may have inconsistent period as well.

No matter what, blood pressure shouldn't be too high or too low. There are four acupressure points for treating low blood pressure: Zhong Zhu and Yang Chi on the back of the hand,  Shen Men and Tai Ling on the palm side. (See diagram) Note that Shen Men and Tai Ling are below right below the palm, when you turn your wrist inward and you'll see three wrinkles, these two acupoints are both located on the middle wrinkle. These acupoints are all on the "channels" that control blood circulations. Stimulate these 4 acupoints every day can help raising the blood pressure, then the cold limbs and headache symptoms will eventually disappear. Note we'll need to massage these acupoints until we feel the warmth on the areas around those acupoints.