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Hand Acupressure/Reflexology Basics, Part 6

The keys of hand acupressure/reflexology (continued):

Usually, hand acupressure/reflexology treatments can be done by anybody and anytime without any danger. However, if the following symptoms or disceases occur, we should avoid the stimulation or massage:

1. Fever with temperature higher than 38 °C (100.4°F);

2. Messy, unstable pulses;

3. Long term use of hormone products;

4. Extremely tired or exhausted;

5. After hemoptysis or coughing blood;

6. After Cerebral hemorrhage;

7. Active pulmonary tuberculosis;

8. Syphilis or Gonorrhea;

9. Legal/official infectious diseases;

10. malignant tumors (cancer)

And those patients with serious heart problems, liver disorders and kidney disorders should consult their doctors first before doing the hand therapy.

(to be continued)