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Hand Acupressure/Reflexology Basics, Part 5

The keys of hand acupressure/reflexology (continued):

However, sometimes we feel some pain on our hand that doesn't show on the diagram, or we don't know what body parts the painful point referring to, or when we don't feel well, we forget where the reflexive areas are. In that case, lift your hands to the chest level, and look at your hands from sideway (like you're about to chop something with your hands). You can pretend that our body reflects on the whole hand as if you're looking at your body from the side. In this case, the finger tips reflect the head, then the eyes reflected a little below the head...the root of fingers are the reflexive area for shoulders...etc. Estimate which body parts reflected by which reflexive areas on your hand. Of course, it's not as accurate as the diagrams. But the best part of this reflexive therapy is that you just need an approximation after all.

After examination of the hands, we can start treating the reflexive areas that are particularly painful. Keep the hands clean and would be better if the fingernails are trimmed. Treatment time doesn't really matter, but we should avoid doing the massages on hand right after meal, alcohol and shower/bath. Because different stimulation have different effects, some stimulation may get the nerve excited and make us unable to sleep. So we should avoid the stimulation 30 minutes before going to bed as well. We can do the acupressure/massage during a bus ride to work, in the boring meetings, watching TV, or simply when you're taking a break.

The duration of the therapy should be around 15-20 minutes for both hands massage time added up together.  That's the most effective time. If you don't have time, shorten it a bit is not a big deal. In the case when we feel sudden problems such as  headache, nausea etc, we should stimulate hard until the problem is relieved.

(to be continued)