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Hand Acupressure/Reflexology Basics, Part 4

The keys of hand acupressure/reflexology:

Whether you massage palm or back of your hands, there are no harms toward your body. However, if you want to have better results, the most efficient ways are of course stimulate the particular reflexive areas that are responsible for the disordered part of your body.

Firstly, use your thumb to press and massage on the palm of your whole hand. If you find certain areas that feel a little pain, that means there's something wrong with your body that is related to your painful reflexive area. Check out the reflexology diagrams for the relevant body parts and pay some attention to those potential health issues.

Do the same thing on the back of the hand. Hardened muscle/tissues or weird skin tone should pay more attention to examine.

Left hand and right hand are mostly symmetric, but there are organs only relevant to one hand or another, such as heart, liver and those who're on one side of our body. Do both hands will need to be examined.

(to be cont'd)