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Hand Acupressure/Reflexology Basics, Part 3

(continue  from Part 2)

When we thinking about it, most of us should remember once or twice that when we didn't feel well or something went wrong in our body, that showed on our sensitive hands. For example, when we are watching an exciting ball game or movie, our hands will be sweating involuntarily. Or after a fever, our hands may feel dry and some skin may even peel off. Long time ago there was a very simple lie detector created according to the sweating of palm, which related to the activities of the brain and the nerve system. I'm not saying this lie detector is very accurate, but I'd like to point out that our hands don't really exist as individual body parts, they have close relationship with internal organs. If the reflexology treatment will be more effective if we can confirm certain reflexive areas more accurately corresponding to certain body parts.

Let's say if we want to calm down an anxious person, we need to calm down this person's unstable nervous system. We can stimulate thyroid and pituitary gland reflexive areas to calm down the vigorous emotions.

There is a saying that people who always use their hands live longer. Some say that artists, carpenters live longer and healthier. Many of them still keep working on their masterpieces when they're already old. A lot of smart people use their hands very often too. The stimulations on the hands help activate the brain and the organs, as the body gets stronger, the brain runs even more actively. In the old days, housewives used their hands frequently for household works such as sewing and washing clothes helped the stimulations as well. But since we have more work done by machines, household work doesn't stimulate our hands as much as before. So "working" with our hands actually help our longevity, and spending some time massaging our hands everyday will benefit even more, especially today we don't even do that many "hard" household work with hands.