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Hand Acupressure for staying awake

Most people who live and work in urban have a problem with staying awake. That's why coffee, tea or soda became so addictive to a lot of people. Sleep is always important for health, but there are just too much to do in life that we sometimes sacrifice our sleeping time for something else, such as work, study, entertainment or even surfing Internet. These things cause lack of sleep and when you're going to a meeting or at work, that's going to make you look bad.

Relying on coffee or alert pills is never going to beat natural healing in terms of side-effects. In the theory of Chinese acupuncture, sleepiness is usually caused by malfunction of pancreas. So stimulation of acupoints on pancreas meridian or channels are going to help staying awake. The acupoint on the hand is located at the right corner of middle finger nail root. When you're feeling sleepy in a meeting or in the car, take a little break and rub or massage this acupoint, which is called "Zhong Chong" in Mandarin. That way, the sleepiness is going to fade away. (See diagrams)