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Hand Acupressure for gray hair (gray hair) and hair loss, part 1

Either men and women both worry about gray hair (grey hair) and hair loss once they are about to be middle age. And even some young people now have this problem because of nutrition and stress. Certain people have gray hair come earlier. Hand acupressure can prevent treat gray hair and hair loss, if you insist on doing the simple massage for a long period of time.

Simply put, hair turn gray or white because the condition of nutrients growing the hair is turning weak, and the enzyme or hormone that makes black pigment is decreasing as one getting older. The reason of decreasing of the hormone still have no exact conclusion yet. In Chinese acupuncture theory, Gray (Grey) hair and hair loss are considered caused by weakening function of kidney and adrenal gland.

The acupressure points, or acupoints that help the kidney and adrenal gland would be on your palm side of your little finger. The kidney acupoint ("Shen Xue") is located on the first segment while the adrenal gland acupoint ("Ming Men") are on the second segment. Each hand's acupoints helps one side of kidneys and adrenal glands. Another two acupoints that can work as supplements are the center of the palm ("Shou Xin"), and the corner of the root of the middle finger that is close to the index finger called "Zhong Chong". (See diagram)

To treat gray hair and hair loss, STRONG stimulations are PROHIBITED. Or else the stimulation will catalyze even more gray hair to grow. So, when we stimulate these acupoints, it's going to take longer time with some gentle acupressure or massage. Press and massage the kidney and adrenal glands acupoint slowly on both little fingers for about 5-10 minutes every day. After 2-3 months, you should be able to see some improvement with your hair. (See the second diagram)

Next post I'll talk about the reflexive area healing gray hair as well. A story from a practitioner.



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