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Hand Acupressure for Diarrhea

Since last post, I can't help but post more about hand acupressure therapy because that sounds so interesting and easy to do. Just as a reminder, usually both hands should do the massage, unless one is more painful than another, then the massage on the painful hand needs to be longer.  I turned to a page of the book I mentioned about how to treat diarrhea with stimulation of the "acupoints" on hand. I wish I knew this earlier so I wouldn't be so painful when I went on a long road trip to Yellowstone about a month ago. Although I was totally healthy, getting stuck in the car looking for a restroom when I really needed to go, accompanied by 3 cute girls, were not a very nice experience.

According to the practitioner who wrote that book, there are many different reasons that can cause diarrhea. I'm not going to list what causes diarrhea because those terms are difficult to translate, and I guess everyone only cares about the tricks. These tricks can help digestive movements of the intestines back to normal. The most effective acupoint is literally called "Diarrhea acupoint". It's located on the lower back of the hand, about the point between the ringer finger bone and the middle finger bone.

The other two acupoints called "Large Intestine" and "Kidney Point"(which connects to small intestines) are also helpful for curing diarrhea. If one goes on a meeting in the morning when diarrhea happens, stimulate the "diarrhea point" should help "postpone" for some time. If the problem lasts longer, all three points should be stimulated for 2-3 days, then the function of intestines should be back to normal. These three acupoints are especially useful for diarrhea caused by too much intake of alcohol.


Another version of hand acupressure would be reflection areas. Just keep massaging the areas like the diagram shown below strongly on both hands until painful and that should stop your diarrhea "rush" for a while. Massage in order of the long narrow Diaphragm Reflexive Area (where the Diarrhea acupoint located) first, and then "Tai Yang" nerves reflexive area at the center of the palm. There's an optional Pancreas Reflexive area which will help as well. The pain caused by the strong massage on these areas is the key to stop the diarrhea effectively.


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