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Hand Acupressure for cough and sneezing, part 2

So in the last post we talked about the stimulation of an acupoint on the wrist can help relieve sneezes and cough caused by cold, flu and allergies. Now we'll continue with a reflexive area that's very popular  for healing many oral and bronchus illnesses.

Reflexology on hand or foot usually works the best when doing it for a long period of time. If cough and sneezes become annoying chronic symptoms, we definitely need to heal the disease first. Other than that, objects stuck in the throat or coughing non-stop are also quite common. Especially senior people always swallow their saliva inappropriately and stuck those spit in the throat, causing annoying cough. If that happens, slightly slap on the person's back and see if it helps. If not, massage hard on the "oral and bronchus" reflexive area between thumb and index finger. (See diagram) Massage hard a few more times and rub the back at the same time.