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Habits that help healing Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis

Budding Winter Press Release (Draft V1)

So last two posts were all about healing arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis with some Chinese recipe of some very convenient food. The extra chapter will be some habits to heal and prevent these diseases.

1. Avoid animal fat. Even vegetarian should avoid any food that are very spicy. Of course, veggie diet would be more healthy. Over-weight patients should avoid fine rice, meat and high carbohydrates food / high sugar food. Reduce food assumption when necessary.

2. Garlic contains vitamin B that helps reduce cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. Or eat some carrots or carrot juice before sleep.

3. After and before sleep, do an exercise called "arm swing". Slightly bend your knees up and down, and swing your arms along  with the momentum of the knees movements. This will  increase the blood flow in the lower body while reduce the stiffness of the knees after exercise. Starting from 5 minutes (300 swings) and increase eventually.

4. Keep yourself calm. Because nervousness, annoyance are the seeds of heart diseases. Or if there are signs of danger like getting tired easily or breathing quickly at work. You'd better reduce the working hours. And, don't ever run upstairs.