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Foods that help healing Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Part 2

(cont'd from Part 1)

We'll continue talking about Chinese recipes for healing and prevention of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. We mentioned garlic and vinegar last post. This post will be onion and tea.

Onion: To treat arteriosclerosis, we can fry 200 grams of onion with 80 grams of lean pork. Here are the procedures:

1. pour a little vegetable oil into the pan and heat it to about 80% boiled;

2. pour the lean pork and fry for a while then pour the onions to fry for a while before the pork is overly cooked;

3. seasoning with sauce and salt as you like;

4. accompany the meal with steam rice.

Tea: To treat arteriosclerosis, we mix 65 grams of banana, 30 grams of honey and 20 grams of tea leaves. Procedures are as follows:

1. Peel the banana and chop it off into little pieces;

2. Mix banana with the tea leaves into a mug of boiled hot water;

3. Add honey into the mixed tea;

4. Drink one mug per day.