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Dr. Ni’s rules of thumb for patients

Last week I had a few discussion about making alternative healing become mainstream. I referred to a famous Chinese doctor Hai-Sha Ni of what he said. He's an acupuncturist and a developer of new traditional Chinese medical theories and concepts from Taiwan and living in Florida now. He's famous because he's such an "anti-western medicine" representative. He's famous because a lot of his articles (which are in Chinese) written with emotional bias that made a lot of noises in the Taiwan community. Of course, he's also famous that he's a really good doctor who did cure a lot of people. As a Chinese medicine believer myself, a lot of his statements are very convincing, although I understand why many western medicine believers in Taiwan hate him. And the problem of his articles are the emotion and the lack of organized evidences. According to what he said, most western medicine theories, especially cancer cure, are not helping patients. Instead, a lot of these concepts actually destroy the patients' health. To me it seems like the only western healing ways he accepts are surgeries and western natural healings like herb healing or so.

I recently found what he taught the children (and adult as well) about rules of thumbs for patients:

  1. Stop taking vitamin pills and diet supplements.
  2. Stop taking calcium pills and medicines that lower cholesterol, steroid and anti-depression medicines.
  3. Don't consume and dairy food like milk, cheese, yogurt or ice-cream. Replace with soy milk if necessary.
  4. Stop any foods and drinks with artificial sugar like chocolate, cookies, candies and soda.
  5. People who like sweets can take natural cane sugar or honey to replace refined sugar.
  6. Take sea salt or "rock" salt to replace the refined salt.
  7. Don't drink coffee, drink green tea instead.
  8. Take natural food other than diet supplements, avoid foods with "extra nutrients"
  9. Drink more water, green tea and self-made natural fruit juice. Drink less wine and other artificial drinks.
  10. 10.  Patients with edema or kidney disorders have to take minimum salt diet.
  11. 11.  Patients with kidney disorders are prohibit to carambola. (well I guess other than Asian, other people wouldn't know what fruit it is. It's called "Star Fruit" as well because the way it looks.)
  12. 12.  Women should avoid any cold food or drinks during their period.

While most of these rules of thumb are about natural healing, some of them may sound quite strange to Americans or Europeans. However, after all traditional Chinese medicine is all about natural and balance. So these sort of make sense if you believe in TCM.