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Cyberchondria – Google Glass with online health diagnose

Cyberchondria - Google Glass with online health diagnose

When the sick limb weakness, trouble still waiting to go out for treatment, the disease results plus disease. For this case, Google is experimenting "line to see a doctor" service, in addition to searching for basic medical information with family, but also launch an online video consultations, for use at home more effective diagnosis.
Google confirmed that work with the two medical groups, in addition to searching for health information on the different types of users, and provide professionally qualified doctors for patients in the online video consultation. The current test version free of charge, but will charge the service officially launched.

Google Glass help doctors diagnose
Video will follow the expert consultation services platform Helpouts operation, there Helpouts through Internet video calls, so for live conversation with family and experts in different areas. Although similar to the long walk from the medical services provided by other companies, but with Google's popularity, coupled with the Google Glass convenient doctors believe can make the service popular, but yet have a formal launch date.
Online information developed, many people search on the Internet to obtain medical information, but worried that the patient will suffer from the medical profession, "Internet self-diagnosis disease" (cyberchondria), that is based on symptoms for self-diagnosis, through Web searches, resulting in increased health anxiety losses than gains.

On the other hands, A 31-year-old American naval personnel wearing Google Glass glasses addiction, addiction treatment to accept, I believe that was the first to wear Google Glass cases arising from Internet addiction disorder. The patient receiving treatment at Sarp thirty-five days after treatment effect is good, granted discharge.
American Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation Program (Sarp) Addiction and Rehabilitation Research Donne head doctor, the patient by September ○ 一 years was sent to Sarp, accept alcohol treatment. When the patient admission, there unconscious action, determined to addiction, poor memory, irritability and more quarrelsome.
According to the Sarp, the patient must be treated in thirty-five days away from temptation, including the inability to eat smoke, drink alcohol, they can not use any electronic device. Results doctors found the patient repeatedly index finger click temples, open Google Glass headset seem to make miniature display unconscious action.
Under the fine to ask the patient said he bought two months ago Google Glass, refers to the glasses help improve his work performance, speed up the completion of the Navy military list.
Future glasses about 18 hours, and only removed when sleeping and bathing, and to recognize when buying glasses since dreams are dreamed he began wearing glasses and other symptoms. Donne patients even to admit that he's actually representing Google Glass addiction alcoholism but also deep.