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Coronary Heart Disease Symptoms

Coronary heart disease symptoms

Brief chest pain (angina) is the most prominent symptoms of coronary heart disease. Risk of coronary heart disease is that patients may lose their lives in a short time, some of them may not have experienced any chest pain.  Since there are very few visible signs for heart diseases, therefore, pay careful attention when you see the following symptoms:

1. Stable angina pectoris

Usually when playing  sports or walking up the stairs, an attack of  chest pain may be associated with pain on the left arm or left side of the neck.  Symptoms can be relieved by taking a break.

2. Unstable angina pectoris

The pain may attack you at any time, even when the body is at a stable state. In some serious conditions, when the blood vessels get so narrowed and the condition becomes cardiac embolism; angina becomes frequent, prolonged and intense. Chest pain may spread to the neck, arm and jaw; the patient will experience a lot of sweating, shortness of breath, tightness, vomiting, dizziness, coma, or even die. Even if  treated immediately,  there may also be all kinds of complications that may lead to  death.

It is estimated that about ten percent of patients did not have any symptoms;  symptoms may not be found even in physical examinations. When the condition becomes serious, patients may die with no signs at all.