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Chinese Therapy for sleepless

Chinese Therapy for sleepless
Pillow, pocket bag | Local applicator | Chinese medicine foot bath

According to TCM theory, the twelve meridians in the body surface has a reaction zone, called the twelve skin. Leather part is gas collaterals of spreading lies, living in the outermost layer of the body, acupuncture points on it, is an important position and external communication up and down, so that the surface and visceral interaction. Common External like applicator, moxibustion, hot iron, etc., are all acts by certain parts of the skin, not only for skin diseases, surgical trauma, ENT, surface disease, also often used for certain visceral disorders .

External medicine stems from long-term medical practice, rich in content, approach and diverse. Like asthma can back points applicator, navel, medicine inhalation, suppository, enema, have effectively aborted attack or prevention. The way the body surface or topical application, sometimes even make efficacy directly to disease, or condition for some patients not taking the drug.

Insomnia treatment, no matter for what reason, the ultimate goal is to restore physical and mental balance and harmony, so that the brain to re-establish a good sleep and wake rhythm. External convenient and effective medicine to relieve physical and mental imbalance, help sleep and maintain deep sleep. External also follow the dialectical principle, the choice of sedative drugs with raw, fierce, sweet medicine, will be made of plaster, powder, decoction, wine, oil, etc., in order to improve the surface penetration and absorption. Intractable insomnia especially suitable combination of external governance and internal governance process.

Pillow, sleep aids pocket bag

Use pocket bag pillow sleep aids are folk tradition, as early as Jin Ge Hong significant "elbow Emergencies", there is described with steamed soybeans loaded pillow treatment of insomnia, Song recorded fitted pillow Cassia useful to treat insomnia. Pillow folk sleep aids commonly used materials include rushes, amber, black beans, magnets and so on. Typically pillow to spend 1-2 months to be effective, it is best to replace the pillow every few months to ensure effective play. Every night before going to bed drink a small amount of warm water to prevent damage to Yin-chun, aromatic medicines and material consumption, causing thirsty throat disease. Keep your bedroom temperature at 25-30 ° C.

Insomnia pillow square one

Chrysanthemum, magnets, Albizia julibrissin, Caulis each 100 grams, rushes, cloves each 30 grams, Shichangpu, Polygala, Fu Shen 60 grams, white sandalwood, borneol each 10 grams. (Illustration) if accompanied by more than a dream plus raw keel 100 grams, 60 grams raw oysters. Hammer broken blend, made ​​into a bag in the pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 2

Zhuru, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves, mint, Oriental Arborvitae, angelica root, Nepeta, Dan, and other servings each magnet (not shown), hammer into debris mixed, into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 3

Mint, chrysanthemum, pale leaves, Artemisia annua, Perrin, Caulis each 30 grams, the dragon teeth, oysters, ocher 30 g (grated), Chuanxiong, Angelica, Vitex, woody, silkworm sand, orange peel, herb 10 grams, Asarum, Shichangpu, acacia, borneol each 5 g (illustration). Mixed herbs, hammer into the debris into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow must consider the age, physical condition, disease and seasonal environmental changes, dialectical symptomatic preparation.