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Chinese Therapy for Infertility

Chinese Therapy for Infertility

(A) Scrapping

The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in the neck, shoulders, back, or at the intercostal and other surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far. This method is simple and quick, commonly used in cold, heat stroke, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, acclimatized and so on. Some scholars believe that scraping is derived by manipulation.

Technique demonstration
Scraping Du: scraping by to sun down along the spine to the waist Yu.
Scraping Ren: Central premenstrual midline abdominal scraping down to the curved bone, or scrape down to the song by the smell of mutton bone.
Scraping the bladder full sun: scraping along the sides of the spine by Yu liver to shut down the yuan.
Usually takes 20 minutes, or chronic skin disease are advised not to.


The bladder

(B) the enema

In liquid enema, to reach the purpose of a therapy treatment, also known as "anal administration of law."

About enema treatment, early in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) Zhang, "Treatise on", the already documented pig bile with enema. In modern times, the rapid development of enema therapy, began to be used a lot of local and systemic disease, and achieve better results. Clinical trials demonstrated that not only can cure enema colon, rectum local lesions, but also through intestinal absorption, and to target systemic disease. For example, for ulcerative colitis, uremia, intestinal obstruction and bronchial asthma. This method is simple, rapid absorption, markedly faster, but also to avoid certain adverse drug stimulation of the gastric mucosa.

Enema liquid is based on the patient's condition to compatibility. Concentrated by boiling to a certain drug dose, filtered into the special container reserve. After enema liquid needs to stay in the intestines 30 minutes or more, depending on the disease. Night after bedtime or it may be extended retention time and improve efficacy. Abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding during the menstrual period and caution.

Technique demonstration
SFAS, Patrina, dandelion, Commelina each 30 grams, triangular, Curcuma?, Peach, Cyperus, Corydalis each 10 grams. 100-200 ml of concentrated fry, retention enema. Or the next day, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, menstrual disabled. This side blood circulation, heat and dampness, suitable for infertility caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.
(C) the drug ironing France
Drug ironing agent

In ancient iron therapy drug called "ironing", after the drug is heated and placed in specific parts of the body surface, repeatedly moving, or use moist heat cotton mulching to promote Cou dredge meridians reconcile, gas blood runs, to relieve the sufferings of an external treatment methods. This therapy convenient and easy, is one of the therapies used to combat common diseases.

Ironing agent selection principles, basic and Oral same way, but because of subject skin absorption, drug selection mostly with strong odor 辛香雄 based, such as with the temperature by tongmai, eradicates cold wet bulk, blood gas line, such as the role Shujin the drug, made ​​Irazu, medicine cakes, creams and other forms to apply.

Palace of infertile women often cold, the next focus Deficiency and so on. By selecting the meridian points, given appropriate medication and hot iron approach, can Quxie help recovery. For pelvic inflammatory disease, lose ovarian inflammation, endometriosis are valid.

Technique demonstration

Herbs Salvia, after leaves, Speranskia, Cyperus, herb wrap with a cloth, etc., into the steamer and steam heat, and topical in the lower abdomen, or the drug sizzling, into a bag at the disease spreads. In addition, the oral administration of the dregs usually wrapped with a cloth, hot place also spreads disease.
(Four) umbilical therapy

Navel called "Umbilicus therapy" is one of the important means of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Physicians need to choose drugs based on the disease, will be made of cream, red, pill, powder, paste and other forms, sticking to the navel, and then tape or gauze covering the fixed, or further with moxibustion or hot iron to prevent and treat disease.

Chinese medicine theory, navel aka "God Que", is Ren's points. It is an important point of the meridian system, and internal organs, limbs, bones have a very close relationship between physiology and pathology. By umbilical (Shenque) localized stimulation through skin penetration, Meridian conduction, stimulate gas meridian, coordination of various body organs function.

Technique demonstration

Herbs white pepper 50 grams, 100 grams cumin, ground into a fine powder, wrapped with gauze, attached to the umbilical, plus a belt fixed, 10 days dressing once. Applicable to the palace cold infertility.
(Five) suppository France

Also known suppository therapy "suppository therapy", the drug is prepared to grow the cylindrical suppositories, a method for rectal or vaginal administration. As early as the Han Dynasty, the Chinese already use this method to treat constipation. Now used not only topically, but also by absorption of rectal or vaginal mucosa, the treatment of systemic diseases.

Technique demonstration

The dodder, Cnidium, clove, raw Wu Yu, raw almonds, raw barley, etc., made ​​suppository. Every night before going to bed to clean the vulva, the suppository with sterile gauze wrapped, deep into the vagina, it is best to retain more than four hours. For lack of yang, cold house infertility in women.