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Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of chest sweating

Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of chest sweating
Only those chest sweating more common in Western medicine autonomic nervous system dysfunction, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, shock, rheumatic fever and certain infectious diseases. Sweating chest disease should pay attention to the potential need to identify the reasons. Processed during the same time, according to TCM to relieve hyperhidrosis.

The sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon, Chinese medicine believes that Khan is a heart liquid essence of the technology, not too vent. Chest sweating due to blood deficiency, heart, spleen, kidney deficiency due.

Heart Spleen Qi

Chest sweating, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, forgetfulness, bloating, loose stools, pale tongue, pulse imaginary. TCM treatments for heart Yipi up, Qi solid form.
For example Prescription: spleen soup together Yupingfengsan plus ephedra roots, floating wheat, Schisandra, calcined oyster

Heart and kidney

Chest sweating, upset, insomnia, weak waist, palpitations emission, red tongue, little fluid, rapid pulse. TCM treatments for nourishing the kidneys.
For example Prescription: Liuweidihuangwan together Tianwangbuxin Dan, plus floating wheat, Schisandra

Chest, two milk the middle of sweating, and other places no sweat or sweating little in intellectual workers are common. And hurt because Yongnaoguodu Heart, lack of effort caused sweaty chest, Chinese medicine called "sweat heart" or "Auntie sweat." These people often accompanied by mental fatigue, loss of appetite, poor sleep, dreams, and so on. Weekdays should be suitably Heart tonic, BNI, useful materials include Codonopsis, Poria, Chinese yam, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, pumpkin, mushrooms, ginseng, Gorgon, eggs. Here are some recipes replenishing hearts sweat.

Ginseng 10g, angelica 10g, a pig heart. Sliced ​​ginseng, angelica into the same pig heart, add 500ml water, fine steam stew three hours, Yin Tang eat pig heart.
Yam 30-60g, medlar 15-30g, porcine one. The yam cut fine; pig brain wash; with a pinch of salt, rice wine, ginger and herbs and mix brain, placed the bowl dense cover, and simmer gently for 30 minutes in a large, sprinkle pepper, sesame oil, seasoning, instant.
Floating wheat 15g, licorice 6g, Codonopsis 10g, Radix 10g, Schisandra 10g. Slightly crushed herbs, 1500ml with water and cook 30 minutes, when the frequency of drinking tea.
Floating wheat 30g, Poria 10g, Radix 10g, Sencha, the evening drinking.
Fresh lily 50-100g, lotus 30-50g, sugar 100g, boiled sugar.
Cardiothoracic hyperhidrosis should strengthen the physical, regular exercise such as jogging, tai chi, Ba Duan Jin, etc., to help relieve stress, regulate psychosomatic.