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Chinese Herbs for Allergic Rhinitis

Chinese Herbs for Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis, also known as allergic rhinitis, are some of the material body of the increased sensitivity to adverse reactions caused disease. The main lesions in the nasal mucosa and glands, is divided into two types of perennial and seasonal. Clinical features of nasal itching, sneezing, watery nasal discharge, nasal congestion. The disease is characterized by the disease back cover, symptoms starting fast, good on something else, like a normal person after a good morning and evening for the common onset time.

Related symptoms, in ancient Chinese medicine "Yellow Emperor" called "allergic rhinitis" and "congested nose sneeze" and so on. "Allergic Rhinitis" means runny nose, and "congested nose sneeze" or sneezing frequently and have a lot of clear nasal discharge, nasal are one of the common symptoms.

Chinese medicine believes is responsible for breathing and nasal olfactory function, he and lungs, spleen, kidney and meridians are closely related. Nose lung external portal, the gas out of the channel. The principal function of the nose of dependence lung. Lung reconcile, the nasal passage patency, breathing through profit and sense of smell. Du column through the line in the nose to nose, and kidney Du, Du intersection in the kidney, so the nose can communicate with each other and kidney. Spleen is the source of qi and blood, the function of the nose on which its essence Ruyang are biochemical in order to play its normal activities.