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Chinese herbal tea: Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum is a milder, sweeter relative of chamomile. Both are members of the sunflower plant  family. Chrysanthemum flowers have the ability to cleanse and cool the liver without interfering the function of the stomach. It's an herb for all people in all ages. And there are few popular styles of making the tea popular.

  • Simple preparation - infuse the flowers alone as you would tea, using about one tablespoon of flowers per cup of boiling water.¬† Drink either hot or cold, plain or sweetened.
  • Flowers can also be added to regular Chinese tea. A very common Cantonese called "Gook Po" is referred to Chrysanthemum flowers added to the tea "Po Lei". It's perfect balanced with Yin and Yang, which makes it a very healthy Chinese tea drinking style.
  • Chrysanthemum flowers can be boiled. If they're combined with equal amounts of honeysuckle flowers; add water with a tablespoon of flowers per cup; bring to the boil and then simmer until the tea is well flavored. Add some crystal rock sugar for even better taste.
  • If you are too lazy to make your own tea, there are actually a lot of different pre-made Chrysanthemum tea in cans or bottle or powder mix in packets in almost all Chinese supermarket or grocery store. Probably one of the easiest drinks you can find there.

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