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A little chicken soup story against Cancer

So today's post isn't about any healing, or may it's an inspiring story from Taiwan. It's a little  chicken soup story.

In Taiwan there's a couple who sell chickens on the market. Mr. He has a healthy face and doesn't look like he's almost 60 already. Behind the big smile of this couple, there's an unknown tough history. Mr. Ho got lung cancer 10 years ago. When Mrs. He recalled that treatment period, she still feels hurting. Mrs. He said, "I was so worried about him after he had the surgery. Since he started the chemotherapy, he got no stamina. He could only lie on a bed or on a couch. I could only cry all day.  I just couldn't help worrying about him and couldn't even sleep at night. "

She said in order to keep the stamina of Mr. Ho for his chemotherapy, she stayed in the kitchen watching the stove for 8 hours every day just to stew a bowl of condensed chicken soup. "At first somebody told me that I can't feed a cancer patient too nourished food," Mrs. He said. "So he started to complain as he's feeling weaker everyday - and even said before he died of cancer, he'd have died of starvation. I was feeling so bad and I thought since it's already a late stage of his lung cancer, I'll just cook whatever you like and nutritious. So after chemotherapy I just kept feeding him the "condensed" chicken soup and amazingly his body has been recovering well day by day. Even now our doctor is still very surprised Mr. He still survives healthily!" So she still keep stewing this condensed soup for her husband everyday for over 10 years.

Although Mrs. He's been taking care of him, when Mr. He found out his lung cancer was already third stage, he almost wanted to give up because chemotherapy was really tough - and no guarantee that it would work. So he wanted to give up himself to "free up" his wife. However, his wife, Mrs. He, still stayed beside him and encouraged him. She walked in the park with him and talked everyday with lots of love and care. Finally he got enlightened and told himself he had to survive. "At first I really decided to let go of my life and I was in bad mood every day. I got terrible temper towards my wife. There was a time she couldn't stand it and we had a big quarrel. However, after that fight, I realized that if I can still live, it's already a blessing. Now he keep telling other cancer patients to be optimistic, feed themselves  well after Chemotherapy, even if they can't swallow - just don't give up.

It's hard to imagine a woman can stew the same soup everyday for 10 years just to support her loved ones. They've supported each other to fight cancer for over 10 years. It's definitely easy to say than do. They concluded with their own experience: during chemotherapy the patients really have to save their energy to fight cancer. Of course, support and love from the family definitely help.