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Introduction of Foot Acupressure – Reflexology


About a month ago I posted about 12+2 meridians or channels carrying Qi and Blood Flow, and the 365 major acupoints (or acupuncture points, or "xue dao" in Mandarin). About two weeks ago I talked about hand acupressure and some techniques for healing some common illness like toothache, diarrhea or motion sickness through massaging the reflexive area or the stimulating certain acupoints. Before I list more different illnesses that can be healed through the hands, I decided to introduce foot acupressure as well, so I have both to talk about later.

The therapy on feet are actually the same on the hands. The healing based on the stimulation of the reflexive areas (or reflecting areas, reflective areas....whatever they're called in English) is called reflexology. Usually stimulations include massage, acupuncture, acupressure, moxabustion etc. The purpose is to adjust the function of internal organs and enhance the flow of Qi and blood through the meridians. Basically I kinda talked about all these in the introduction of hand acupressure.

There are about 20% of major acupoints on our feet and legs. Massaging these areas and stimulating those points not only can cure common illness like headache or toothache, even high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes these serious diseases can be controlled and relieved. Foot or hand acupressure therapy doesn't have any side effects and always safe. Not just the hands, feet work as a forecast for our health as well.

When we're done with exercises, massaging our legs and feet not only help us to avoid the sore, we're actually helping the internal organs and Yin Yang balance as well. Foot acupressure can be done by ourselves without others help, anywhere and anytime we like.

I bought a "carpet with rocks" which is actually made for foot acupressure therapy. Walking on this carpet is painful, but it's also a nice therapy for our health. If you walk on some little stones and you find your feet really painful, that means your health is just so-so. If you feel ok, that means you're quite healthy. I'll try to post the photo of this thing I bought and talk about this later. Also I'll talk about the techniques of massage on foot as well.

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Hand Acupressure for Car sickness or Sea sickness

Today I just started reading an interesting book about stimulating "acupoints" on hand in order to cure or heal certain illnesses. "Acupoints" means the reflection area or points used in Acupuncture and Acupressure. For Acupressure, usually we can use our fingers to press certain points, or a toothpick, a bunch of toothpick, a pen or certain pointy devices for stronger stimulations. Also we can use a lighted cigarette to approach these acupoints, heat up the area and the acupoints without burning or hurting the skin.

Motion sickness (Carsickness ,Seasickness) is caused by the imbalance of inner ear sense from rocking or swaying motion. So there are always certain people who feel carsick or seasick on a trip when we're traveling with a group. I believe most people have experienced carsickness or seasickness at least once in their life. Some people only get sick on a car but never on the sea, or other way around. Some people get sick when reading during the travel. Some people only get carsick or seasick because they didn't sleep well. Some people refused to go to any long trip just because they're easy to get motion sickness.

There's a guy who came to this Acupressure practitioner for help of his back pain. He's not very good at social talks. However, he was assigned to organize a road trip for his company this year.  He's quite nervous about that. This practitioner told him not to worry about it and taught him some easy hand massage for motion sickness just in case.

Few days later, this guy came back happily and told this practitioner the hand massage helped two of his coworkers feel better from the carsickness. They're so thankful and hence helped his relationship with his coworkers as well.

A lot of people who're easy to get motion sickness  are usually not very healthy. If inner ear and intestine got infected at the same time, motion sickness will occur as well. For these people, they can gently massage their little finger, 30 minutes before going on a road trip. This could help prevent the motion sickness.

If they don't get prepared and motion sickness really happens, they can strongly stimulate the reflection area of the little finger and also the reflection area of the neck on the thumb. People who tend to crook their neck are also easier to get motion sickness. It's more helpful if they massage their neck as well.


There's another version of reflexive area massage for motion sicknesses. There are three acupoints you can stimulate together when you feel carsick or seasick: the center of the palm, the root of your ring fingernails, the end of the wrist close to the little finger side.  As shown below:


You can also stimulate them with pointy device about 3-7 times before going on a ride to prevent the motions sickness.

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