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Hand Acupressure for lower back pain and sciatica, part 2

It's surprising there are tons of books sold that just talk about treatment for back pain, especially lower back pain. And a lot of times people go to an acupressure practitioner for treatment of lower back pain. And surprisingly, a lot of them are young people too. Few decades ago, lower back pain are more common for middle age and senior people. But now a lot of younger people who are gaining a lot of weight and physically weaker, just hurt their back when they didn't pay enough attention.

As mentioned in part 1, there are so many different reasons that can cause lower back pain, injuries, disorder of spinal cord, infected muscle or tendons, even flu or exhaustion can cause lower back pain. Start learning golf and tennis during middle age can cause lower back hurting, and high heel shoes may be another cause too. There are even pains without a reason found sometimes.

For most these lower back pain and sore, especially the ones that can't really tell the reasons, hand reflexology can be very helpful. That's also because these patients can have hard time moving around. I experienced that and I couldn't even stand up from a chair without a walking cane.

The reflexive area to relieve lower back pain are located along the side of the thumbs - "spine reflexive area" and "bladder reflexive area". Also, stimulating the "kidney reflexive area" on the palm and the "waist reflexive area" on the back of the hand with the thumbs will be very helpful as well. (See diagram)

About half of the people who have lower back pain or sore also have certain level of kidney malfunction. So stimulate the "kidney reflexive area" whenever possible will optimize the kidney function again and prevent lower back pain or sore happens. Prevention is always better than treatment, because lower back pain can become a repeating problem if we get it a couple times. After all, we need to pay attention on poses of standing and sitting, especially carrying heavy things. Sometimes alcohol will affect our secretion and cause some sore on lower back, if we don't pay attention after we get drunk the night before, we can hurt even more.



Hand Acupressure for lower back pain and sciatica, part 1

I believe a lot of people have hurt their back before, whether is the neck, upper back or lower back. At least I've been suffering with all these three myself. When we move something heavy with an inappropriate pose, it's easy to hurt the back, especially the lower back. If we don't treat that in time with a doctor, a chiropractor or an acupressure practitioner, the result can turn out really bad, something chronic like lumber spondylosis and sciatica.

Spondylosis is degenerative arthritis of the soft joints in between the pieces of the spinal vertebrae. The misplaced joints pressure the nerves around and cause different level of pain and numbness, or paresthesia in the limbs.  Sciatica is the nerves staring from lower back vertebrae to the feet got pressured or stimulated, and cause the pain of lower back and the feet. I experienced that before and was cured by moxabustion and cupping few years ago before it became severe.

I'm an example myself who didn't go see the doctors after I got several car accidents. I got cervical spondylosis (around the neck) myself, and recently got better after some Qi Gong treatment I talked about in my very first post. I also hurt my lower back before, especially I have an extra vertebra in my lower back, which makes it easier to get hurt when getting older. Now not just cervical spondylosis, I also got slight lumber spondylosis (lower back) as well. This blog was actually inspired by all these back problems so I can remind myself the importance of health.

Other than spondylosis and sciatica, lower back pain can also be caused by soreness, or simply hurt the tendons. A lot of times people hurt their backs when moving heavy stuff, standing or sitting for too long , or using mattress that is too soft, or getting old.

There are some hand acupressure points that can help relieve lower back pain. For most lower back sore and pain, the acupoint is located at the little convex bone on the back of the hand at the merging point of index finger bone and middle finger bone. For sudden injury that hurts the lower back, the acupoint is located at the merging point of ringer finger bone and little finger bone. To relieve the pain, we can slowly apply pressure to these acupoints, then leave it for a while like a few seconds, press again, just repeat the same process until the pain gets relieve.

Acupoint for sciatica located at the back of the hand in between the knuckle bones of ring finger and little finger, and closer to the ring finger bone. Using pointy device like a pen or toothpicks to strongly stimulate this acupoint until the pain gets relieved.