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Radiation found in California Milk

Radiation found in California Milk
On March 31, 2011, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & FDA has detected small amount of radioactive iodine-131 in California milk sample.  The iodine-131 found is 5000 times lower than the FDA limit, so drinking these low radiation milk should not increase cancer risk.

The good news is the half life of iodine-131 is eight days which means the level of radiation will drop by half in eight days.  As long as the situation of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant under control, there should be not health risk on consuming California milk.


The most toxic element Plutonium found in Japan soil

The most toxic element Plutonium found in Japan soil

What does it mean to you when Plutonium, the most toxic element, was found in Japan soil? We have heard iodine I-131, I-133 and Uranium-238 found in air, seawater, and soil in the last few days. However, more radioactive elements has been found by the Japanese Government,  including the deadly Plutonium 239. What does it means to us?

Plutonium is raw materials used to make nuclear weapon. It accumulates in bone marrow and causes leukemia and bone cancer. It has a  half-life of up to 24,000 years, which requires a very long time to be decomposed in the environment. Plutonium is worse than iodine, cesium and other radioactive materials; its has long term effects on generations to come.  If plutonium contamination spreads to underground water, the situation is even worse.  The Japanese Authority may have to shut down nuclear power plant and  spend decades on  cleaning up the nuclear contamination.

Some scientists have stated that five grams of Plutonium 239, which is approximately the size of one cube of sugar,  can kill all humans and living creatures in the world!! However, this highly radioactive Plutonium particles cannot travel in long distances. It does harm to you when you inhale them; it does not penetrate through human skin. Also, their deadly radiation nature increase the risk of bone cancer, liver cancer, and leukemia.


Portable Radiation Detector that you can carry anywhere

Portable Radiation Detector that you can carry anywhere After the nuclear power plants leakage at Japan and terrorist attacks threat around the world, radioactive contamination will no doubt be the long term worries.  Also, you may interested in knowing how much radiation you are absorbing when you are talking on the cellphone,  walking under the power lines, and operating  electrical appliances in your house. Here are 2 high-rated handheld Radiation detector that you may want to get just in case. It is  easy to use and accurate.  The first one give you visual and audible alarm with clear indication of radiation levels even in the dark. The second one is really small and you can attach it with your keychain.

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Radiation and Pregnancy

Radiation and Pregnancy

People panic about radiation. Physician stated that organs begin to form in fetus between 2 to 7 weeks of pregnancy; 8 to 15 weeks of pregnancy is the early formation of the fetus. These stages are most vulnerable to effects of radiation. However,  radiation must reach 100 to 200 millisieverts  (mSv) to cause fetal malformations.

If a pregnant women is affected by 50 to 500 millisieverts (mSv) of radiation during these two stages,  central nervous system will be affected and the main organs of the fetus will be developed abnormally. Growth may slow down and lead to severe mental retardation. If affected by over 500 millisieverts (mSv), it will increase the chances of miscarriage. If the fetus has reached 26 to 38 weeks, the rate of stillbirth or dead of premature newborn may increase significantly.

The child may have cancer when grown up regardless of the degree of radiation exposure; especially leukemia, the risk of the child having leukemia increase by 12% for every 1,000 mSv of radiation. The average IQ will also drop from 25 to 31 points; the child may be 3 to 4% shorter than the average height by the age of 18.

However, 1,000 mSv of radiation would mean going though X-ray procedures continuously for a couple of hundred times, therefore, when living in a  environment with an acceptable level of radiation, pregnant women do not need to be overly worried.


Salt may prevent radiation?

Salt may prevent  radiation?

Salt may prevent  radiation? Experts stated that consuming  1-7 kg of salt would equal taking an iodine tablet.  Instead, eating too much  salt can damage the kidneys, heart, or even increased risk of miscarriage.

Experts also pointed out that sea water will dilute radiation. There is no need to fear of radiation contamination of sea salt.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency guidelines, only people who need to enter within the 20 km range of nuclear power plant should take iodine tablets.  But some people are competing to buy salt in substitution of iodine.

An iodine table containing 30 to 200 mg of iodine, but each kg of salt contains only 20 to 40 mg of potassium iodine. Therefore, consuming salt will not prevent radiation.

Over consumption of salt will result in  renal failure, hypertension, and may have adverse effects on patients with heart disease. Obstetrics and gynecology specialists also stated that if pregnant woman consumes excessive amount of iodine may result in edema and deterioration, high blood pressure, premature delivery and miscarriage. It may also increase the chances of fatal thyroid hyperplasia that may cause difficulty in breathing.

For people who worried about radiation pollution in the sea and  future production of salt being hazardous to health, some chemists pointed that radiation will be greatly diluted in sea water, even swimming in the water near Fukushima nuclear power plant could be safe. And sea salt will not be contaminated. In order to make salt a radioactive substance, the nuclear fission neutron must directly impact salt.


Know more about Acute Radiation Damage

Acute radiation damage

Ionizing radiation will destroy the chemical balance of tissues, the role of intracellular molecules and free radical formation, which causes a specific biophysical (biophysical) change in the body. This article will provide you with information on early signs and damage and emergency care of ionizing radiation.

Acute Radiation Symptoms  (ARS)

Exposure to hundreds or thousands of RADs (Roentgen Absorbed Dose) of the radiation field for a few minutes will lead to acute radiation symptoms (acute radiation syndrome). Because cell's  sensitivity to radiation varies, it takes time for different damage symptoms to appear after acute, over exposure.

1. The first/ immediate (prodromal) phase

Prodromal means leading, it also represents the start of the disease (initial stage). As low as 50 RADs can cause prodromal symptoms, prodrome will occur within a few minutes of exposure to more than 1,000 RADs of radiation.  Symptoms include nausea , vomiting, and diarrhea, it is also known NVD symptoms.

2. Latent period

After the prodromal symptoms, latency (latent period) may follow. There are no signs of physical injuries. In fact, lethal effects or recovery process has just begun.The second phase, latent period, may last from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the amount of radiation absorbed.



What is Radiation Contamination?

What is Radiation Contamination or Radiation Infection?

After the explosion of nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan,  a local television station immediately alert nearby residents to stay indoor and hedging, turn off, and stop drinking tap water. Those who are in outdoor should avoid exposing their skin and cover faces with wet towels and face masks.  International Atomic Energy Agency said that Japanese authorities are prepared, ready to distributed iodine to residents for to treat radiation affection.

Radiation power is strong. In the event of nuclear explosions, radioactive material will leak out as smoke and wind diffusion. People that are  affected by radiation may suffer from damage in hematopoietic and gastrointestinal functions, and central nervous system.  While long term effects may include development of cataract, cancer, and birth defects.

Early radiation effects on human beings when  iodine I-131 and I-133 are gathered in our body; it will be gathered in the thyroid and cause cancer, treatment is to take iodine tablets.  With no occupation of radioactive iodine in the thyroid, radioactive iodine will not be gathered in the body .