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18 tips to keep men young (Part 3)

(cont'd from Part 2)

13: Farmers work help longevity. A University in Chicago have an aging research center that discovered the probability of farmers living longer is 200% of urban people. So if men can work on some gardening in their leisure time. That will help live longer - it's actually correspondent to what I mentioned in a post a while ago - working more with hands stimulates the acupressure points on the hands and hence makes us healthier

14. Golfer live 5 years longer than non-golfer. The death rate of golfer actually is 40% lower than the people who don't play golf in the same age group. It's because it's an outdoor activity that plays a few hours and usually walk for about 4 miles. It also helps relieve pressure through the social activities.

15. Eat more spinach for muscle. Spinach helps men grow better muscle because of catalyst effects on the synthesis of protein, and definitely that'd make men look stronger and younger.  By the way, spinach helps avoid osteoporosis.

16. Shorter hair looks younger. Men usually start losing their hair during middle-age. In the early stage, short hair makes hair look thicker, while long hair tends to reveal the scalp. (Honestly, I'm starting to have that problem, although I'm not even middle age yet.)

17. Eat slow. There are research saying gorging will increase the opportunity of overweight for about 84%. And that's definitely one of the most obvious reason to look older.

18. Train quadriceps - stronger quadriceps help to relieve arthritis.