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Nosebleed cont’d


(cont'd from last post)

Well, other than Perilla leaf, which is probably not easy to find any fresh ones around. There is another patent formula that stops bleeding. It's a very famous medicine invented about a hundred years ago and commonly used during wars. For nosebleed, the use is a little different:

Mandarin pronunciation: Yun Nan Bai Yao (Meaning "Yunnan province white medicine"), also known as Yunnan Baiyao.

Description: To use this medicine to arrest a nosebleed, break open two capsules, pour the loose powder onto a cotton swab, then apply directly to the wound. Or, the powder can be inhaled or snuffed into the bleeding nostril. Apply direct pressure immediately, pinch and hold the nose for ten to fifteen minutes.

Caution: Pregnant woman MUST NOT use this medicine or it can cause miscarriage.

Dosage: It comes in boxes of 16 capsules, with instructions on  dosage.

(source: Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, by Thomas Richard Joiner)


Perilla Leaf for Nosebleed


Nosebleed is a pretty normal loss of blood from the mucus membrane that lines the nose. I believe nobody would never experienced nosebleed. Unless the bloody nose is recurring with high blood pressure (which is a sign of hypertension), or a bleeding disorder like leukemia or hemophilia, or a tumor of the nose or sinuses, usually most nosebleeds are caused by a blow to the nose, fragile blood vessels, colds, or other sinus infections.

Most nosebleeds can be controlled by the use of Chinese herbs that are used for first aid to stop bleeding. Here is one:

Zi Su Ye (Perilla Leaf)

The patient should lean forward with mouth open. Stuff the bleeding nostril with Chinese herb "Zi Su Ye, which is an herb with large leaves whose raw form will instantly check bleeding. Insert as much leaf as much the nostril will hold. Pinch and hold the nose for 10 to 15 mins after the leaf has been inserted. Try to breathe through the mouth until the bleeding stops. Use gauze if Zi Su Ye is not available. It's not as effective but it will still work.

(source: Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, by Thomas Richard Joiner)