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18 tips to keep men young (Part 2)

(cont'd from Part 1)

7. Morning Erection - keep it "up" in the morning shows the young energy. The "harder you keep", the healthier your arteries are. There is a research indicated that having sex for over 3 times a week can reduce ED (Erection disorder) by four times, while having sex for less than one time a week can increase ED probability twice.

8. Fat body makes you 10 years older. In 2007, there's an important research discovered that for every 5% increase of BMI (Body Mass Index, around 13.5 kg) of men, the level of testosterone decline to a "10 years older" level.

9. Train your brain for 15 years younger. Take some IQ test or solve some puzzles can keep a 45yo man to have a 30yo active brain.

10. A glass of wine (no more than 3 glasses in general) can increase 97% of survival rate up to 85 years old.

11. 7 hours < Sleeping time < 8 hours keep the longest life in average. There was a research that lasted for 22 years with 21268 adults involved indicates that men sleep less than 7 hours will increase early death rate 26% while sleeping more than 8 hours will also increase early death rate for 24%.

12. Vitamin A helps eliminates wrinkles around the eyes. As one grows old, cell metabolism rate slows down and skin starts to lose collagen, and it will be shown directly on the thinnest skin - which will be the eyes area. Vitamin A helps produce more collagen on skin.

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Acidic blood and cancer (Part 1)

Although sometimes we can't really believe what the web says all the time, and there are so many emails telling lies - those are supposed to be scams. A friend of mine recently sent me an email that talks about acidic blood - which means the blood of a person eat a lot of meat instead of vegetables. I'm not sure if you've read it or not. After I read it, it seems like the assumption the doctor made is believable - "Under weakly alkaline condition, cancerous cells will not be able to grow or even to survive".  I decide to share it with everyone here. Looking at it as case studies, I choose to believe most of it without too much of investigations. Whether you believe or not would be up to you, after all, I still have to say don't believe in everything says here in this blog or on the web, and please use your own judgment.  The title of this article is "85% cancer patients belongs to acidic body type". And the reason why you feel so tired is acidic blood.


More than 30 years ago, a Mr Zhang who worked in the public sales department of a Taipei Brewery, participated in the brewery overseas study selection examination, and passed with flying colours.

Before going overseas during the physical examination at a public hospital, it was discovered that he had a tumour growth in his lung the size of a child's fist, and therefore was not able to go overseas to study.

The greatly disappointed Mr Zhang had always been suspicious that the diagnosis was wrong. So he went to another hospital for a check-up, the result confirm that the previous diagnosis was not in error.

For the youthful and healthy Mr Zhang to be stricken down with  such a terminal illness, in his despair, he rang his old classmate who at that time was Taidong County Government, Huangsun County Mayor's secretary, Mr Wei.

Mr Wei rushed to Taipei during his rest day on a Sunday to see Mr Zhang.

Mr Zhang discussed with Mr Wei in detail his despair and pessimism, and entrusted his friend regarding his affairs after his death. Coincidentally, Mr Wei was a good friend of Dr Lu Geling, who was in  charge of the Maijie Hospital, 1945-55, and specialised in the clinical research into

cancer cases.

He immediately suggested that Mr Zhang go to see Dr Lu for treatment. At first, Mr Zhang said he preferred not to see anymore doctors, so as not to add further to his misery.

But Mr Wei told him that he had telephoned Dr Lu before to seek his advice and arranged an appointment. Mr Zhang felt obligated and went with Mr Wei to meet Dr Lu.

When Dr Lu met with Mr Zhang, Dr Lu said: ' Mr Wei is a friend and introduced you and I to get to know each other. This is destiny. Thank you. Let me ask you do you know why is cancer referred to as a terminal illness?'

Both Mr Zhang and Mr Wei did not know how to answer.

Dr Lu explained: 'There are only two approaches taken by humans to treat cancer to-date. The first is to destroy the source of the disease. The second is to increase the capability to fight the disease.

But the strange thing is that, whether we use Cobalt 60 or other drugs to destroy the cancer cells, before the cancer cells are killed, the good cells are destroyed first.

On the other hand, no matter what nutrients or supplements we use,  before the good cells have a chance to absorb them, the cancer cells have taken them up and it simply speeds up the growth of cancer..

Therefore both approaches are doomed to failure, that is why cancer is terminal.'

Dr Lu continues: 'Human beings are most clever, they have successfully landed on the moon. But why is it that no one ever questioned the above two approaches for treating cancer  which are nothing but self defeating dead-ends, and try to seek a third avenue?

When I was conducting clinical research in Majie Hospital, I had many opportunities to work with and being helped by many colleagues in the Hospital. I discovered that the blood tests of 100% of the cancer patients showed that the blood samples are acidic.

Those Buddhist monks and nuns who are long term vegetarians and live very close to Nature, their blood are prevalently weakly alkaline and amongst them, there has yet to discover any cancer cases.

Therefore, I boldly concluded that under weakly alkaline condition, cancer cells are not able to grow, or even to survive.

Mr Zhang, I would suggest that starting from now you reduce your intake of the acidic meaty  dishes.

Take more of the alkaline food. In addition you can take green algae and soup made from water chestnuts with skin, modify your physical condition, and try seriously to have a regular life style which is close to Nature;

If you can manage to stay alive for five years, you should have no further problem. I wish you the best of luck.'

Mr Zhang followed Dr Lu's suggestion and seriously altered his eating habits.

Every day, he ate  green algae, drank chestnut soup, be optimistic and did an appropriate amount of exercise, and went back to the same public hospital for a check up. It was discovered that not only that the tumour did not increase in size, on the contrary it showed signs of shrinking, and

surprised the hospital staff conducting the check-up as a miracle. Five years later, the tumour had shrunk to such a state as to almost disappear.

After almost 40 years, presently Mr Zhang's health is totally normal, and living a very pleasant life.

Following Mr Zhang, a Mr Chen Tianshou, who was previously Head of the General Administration of the Taidong Provincial Hospital, was similarly diagnosed with lung cancer.

When Mr Wei heard of this, he told Mr Chen of the experience of Mr Zhang, and Mr Chen started to follow the instructions of Dr Lu to change his physical condition. The outcome was that he was able to recover fully from the cancer, just like Mr Zhang.

At that time, Dr Lu and his family have emigrated to the United States. After the two cases, he returned to Taiwan and met up with Mr Wei.

Mr Wei told Dr Lu about the experiences of Mr Zhang and Mr Chen, and suggested that the two of them detailed their experiences to Dr Lu in person, so that Dr Lu could publish a report on his self cure body conditioning method.

Dr Lu very humbly replied:

'I am too old, besides, I do not have any clinical records of the outcomes. I would ask that you tell your friends and relatives, if they are agreeable, then please continue this experience and spread the words ⋯ ⋯


One should take care of oneself but should also be caring about others, 85% of cancer patients have acidic in their physical condition.


Blood of healthy persons is weakly alkaline in nature, with a pH of about 7.35 to 7.45


Babies' blood is also weakly acidic


As adults mature their blood becomes more acidic in nature

According to a study of 600 cancer patients, of their bodily fluid, 85% of the patients are acidic ..

Therefore, how to maintain the weakly acidic nature of our body is the first step for moving far away from diseases.


(to be cont'd)


Story of Yunnan Baiyao (part 3)


(cont'd from part 2)

Yunnan Baiyao is best known to stop bleeding - A haemostatic medicine. however, because it contains many activating elements with complicated medical reactions, there are many uses other than stopping bleed:

Haemostatic medicine

Yunnan Baiyao is very effective with bleeding diseases and injuries. It can accelerate the haemostatic process and shorten the span of disease. There was research explaining the major role of Yunnan Baiyao is to shorten time for blood clotting and increase thrombin, while also leading blood platelets to gather and release. The haemostatic use of Yunnan Baiyao is very wide including bleeding through injuries, bleeding in digestive system, respiratory system, brain bleeding and a lot more.

Recovery of inflammation

Yunnan Baiyao can suppress the inflammatory elements. It's effective on improving blood circulation and vascular permeability. During treatment, it works to relieve swollenness and bruises. Besides, it helps suppress the activity of bacteria and prevent the wounds from further inflammation.

Cure immune system disease

Yunnan Baiyao catalyze the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones, hence it helps healing the immune system.

Fight against tumors and cancers

In 1980s, the research bureau in United States discover that there are some elements in Yunnan Baiyao that helps treating tumors and cancers. In Japan there are some successful stories curing tumors and cancers using Yunnan Baiyao. However, it's still waiting for further research to prove that.

Pain relief

The improvement of blood circulation and recovery of inflammation results a pain relief for injuries, dysmenorrhea and inflammatory pain. The relief of angina can be cause by the use of Yunnan Baiyao on increase of vascular notorious blood flow. Also Yunnan Baiyao can slow down heart beats, adjust blood pressure and reduce the vascular oxygen consumption.


Relationship between bloodtype and personality – Aiba Masaki’s experiment

This post has nothing to do with healing methods, but still has something medically related. I watched a video and I found it interesting to learn how blood type affects our personality. So I roughly translated this YouTube video here just to share with everyone:

Check this out too as it's also an article about blood type determine personality:


Wonderful water therapies – Swimming, Part 2

Alright, I just came back from a vacation and will go on to talk about different healing therapies along with my research. Sometimes,  it's not necessarily limited to Healthy Check therapies, just whatever alternative therapies I found interesting. I brought up some inspiring stories of swimming last post. Indeed, swimming has been long known for a great exercise. In the recent 20 years, it has become a physical therapy for many patients instructed by doctors. Over 60 millions of Americans take swimming as a long-term exercise for health "maintenance". In the old days of Chinese community, most people focused on working hard as their "exercise", partly because of the poverty keep them "work" hard in the farms, or as blue collar workers just to survive. Now since the society changed a lot already, people who are especially over 30-40 years old realize their health are getting worse. They need to find a better way for leisure and health purpose, which can keep them healthy even after retire.  Swimming is known as the best work out for the whole body.  So it's getting more popular in Chinese community than before.

A lot of consistent swimmers go for swimming because their health is declining, usually after 40 something, symptoms are like sore back, get tired easily, etc. Retired swimmers also go swim for social purpose as well. Repetitive movements, slow and steady breaths, the freedom and the floating force provided by water, help swimmers to feel relieved and change the mindset. Some people swim for fun immersing in the water, some swim for exercise, some people swim for stress relief. No matter what the reasons are, swimming has some advantage that no other exercise can replace. First of all, water somewhat defy gravity and let our body joints and muscle freely move, so patients with muscle or joints problems, or injured limbs take swimming as their best choice of exercise and even "movement". Furthermore, unlike walking or running, which use mostly a few parts of your body, swimming uses the whole body including arms, legs, back, stomach and all major group of muscles, so it's the most balanced exercises. Swimming doesn't give as much pressure as other exercises to circulation system and joints.

Doctors usually suggest people who has arthritis or body injury to swim, because this is the best method  increasing the amount of exercise with minimum strikes to the body. According to some sports specialist, swimming in correct poses is almost the only exercise that doesn't cause injury to our body, because water almost make our body weightless. There is only 10% of active force of the land, so the pressure to our joints is very small as well. Some handicapped people go swimming like a fish everyday and totally get rid of the limitation of their injured body.

Can swimming lose some weight? Consistent swimming can really tone up our muscle and get rid of fat, but weight is different. Muscle is heavier than fat so swimming may actually gain some weight. Since cold water makes our brain senses hunger after swimming to tell our body to eat a good meal. If we eat more than necessary after swimming, it could be worse. However, if we can control our calorie intake, swimming does burn more fat than running. A specialist indicated that water is 775 times heavier than air, swimmers has to burn 25% more calories than normal runners to resist the water pressure.

The most appealing says of swimming is that swimmers look younger than their real age. Also, the author of The Complete Book of Swimming, P. Whitten also indicates that swimming reduce fat and blood pressure, increase good cholesterol , hence reduce the  chances of heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers.


Wonderful water therapies – Swimming, Part 1

Mr. Chen, age 36, is a patient of gout. Since he started swimming, he couldn't stop this wonderful habit. Although he didn't know how to swim at first and his swimming postures were funny, after a few weeks of practices, he can already swim 700-800 meters. He felt a little shameful learning swimming at his age, but he found swimming is the first exercise ever that he really interested. Other than fulfilling his interest, swimming did help healing his gout problem. He's been taking medicines for gout for a few years. After he learned swimming, his gout seemed to have healed. The medicines were also cut to half of what he was taking by the doctor. His mom noticed that his health got improved a lot. Mr. Chen always got flu before but now he's much stronger and never caught a flu or even cold.

Mrs. Xiu was really negative after a motorcycle accident, especially her legs weren't able to walk, and she also lost her law suit against the person who caused the accident. All these made her turned very blue towards her life. She felt her life got ruined and even thought about committing suicide. After two surgeries on her legs and installed artificial joints, she started to learn how to walk again with a walking stick, trying to rebuild her life. However, her son and daughter had to take care of her in turns because they live and study far from home. She felt really like a burden to her family. Every day she wish she could take care of herself, but she can't even stand without support. A few days before her son go for military service, he brought Mrs. Xiu to swimming for the very first time. At first she wasn't interested, she was thinking to come back in an hour or two. However, once she tried, she loved it. She even asked her son, "Why didn't you bring me to swim earlier?"

Mrs. Xiu started to go swimming by herself since her son left. She didn't feel lonely because she found a new social life in swimming pool, and an interesting exercise that helped her legs recover. At first she started really slow, but after the help from the coach and other swimmers, she quickly learned all different styles of from breaststroke to freestyle. She started to walk better as well. At first her family just thought swimming helped curing her legs quick. Half year later, when Mrs. Xiu son went swimming with her, he found that her mom can swim almost faster than he could - a pretty big body swimming like a fish. He said her mom became a total different person, sort of like "resurrected". Mrs. Xiu, of course, really happy about the effects of this "therapy". Now she can go to the doctor's office by herself. She met another patient who replaced the joints at around the same time, still walking with a stick. She immediately shared her wonderful experience with swimming with that patient. Now she goes swimming everyday whether is sunny or rainy. She drives 30 minutes with her new motorcycle to the swimming pool. She doesn't mind that because swimming totally changed her life.

(to be cont'd)


Wonderful water therapies – Spa, hot spring, etc, Part 4

(cont'd from part 3)

Mr. Hong, the owner of two hot spring resorts in Taiwan as indicated in the last post, is obviously a big fan of hot spring therapy. He's been trying his efforts to convince tourists and local hot spring goers that hot spring is more than just for relaxing fun and leisure. Mr. Hong is using his over 30 years of expertise and claiming himself as a professional water therapist who help promoting that hot spring can serve as a healing treatment. He showed two physical check reports from a client who used to be a diabetes patient. The first report showed a high blood sugar level. After two and half months of hot spring therapy, this patient had another physical check. The report was surprisingly showing his blood sugar level turned back to normal. The physician who did the physical check was so shocked and reassure with the computer data again because that looked like a mistake. As you'd expect, that was really nothing wrong with the report. Mr. Hong is so confident that a six weeks treatment plan can heal a lot of chronic diseases and make certain improvements.

Japanese has been doing a lot of research and study on hot spring since hundreds of years ago. They already develop a hot spring culture for health purpose. There are over fifty specialized hot spring hospitals in Japan. The diseases they treat include cerebrovascular diseases, chronic arthritis, stroke sequelae, diabetes, digestion disorders, chronic hearts and lungs diseases, neuralgia, "perifpheral circulatory disturbance", back pain, sports injuries...etc.

(to be cont'd)


An inspiring story of alternative healing from an American cancer specialist

There was a famous American doctor of cancer. His mother had lung cancer. Her lung cancer already expanded to bones and brain, so chemotherapy didn't work. This doctor was very clear that his mom's life is not going to last long. But he still asked a European alternative healing cancer center for a consultation. Every treatments this cancer center do didn't get approved by mainstream medicine. As a cancer specialist himself, he would never recommend any patient to try something like this. But as a son, he would try everything to heal his mom. So they flew to Europe for this alternative treatment.

The people who worked in this center all look energetic, and very optimistic. These suffering mother and son started to get a little optimistic as well stimulated by these people. However they're still very suspicious when the treatment starts. Few days later, they feel a lot happier and much more optimistic. This center doesn't give medicines or chemotherapy, because whoever comes in already did the maximum chemical or medicine treatment one could take. Patients here take a treatment through a special designed diet with powder and herbs. It was heard that these nutrients are what the patient lacks. The whole treatment includes group treatment with other cancer patients and meditation as well. With positive energy and hope, his mother feels confident and happy. This feeling is so different from waiting for death in the hospital.

Few weeks later in the middle of the treatment, this mother passed away in sleep. From the mainstream medical point of view, all the flying cost, efforts and time, the fake hope that built up during the treatment seemed to make this trip totally worthless. However, this doctor, as a son as well, didn't regret what he did. He said, "Science can't give me, my mother and my family the calmness, the peace and the satisfaction during this period of time. "

This story told me that whether we choose alternative healing or not, the attitude towards it must be very clear - it's a treatment that we believe in, whether it succeeds or not. Then we should be able to find our peace.


Dr. Ni’s funny comments on certain patients he refuses to treat

If you guys remember, I posted something about Chinese doctor Dr. Ni, like his view on alternative healing in America and his rules of thumb for patients. He's very good at Healthy Check, but the way he presents in his articles are always controversial and emotional. I read a list about what kinds of patients he refuses to treat and made me giggle. Somehow I understand why he set the list, but it's still quite funny and a little vigorous.

1. People who request that they can recover the next day taking Chinese medicine or acupuncture. These actually don't believe in traditional Healthy Check at all.

2. Patients who have doubt and suspect the doctor.

3. Taking western medicine while taking Chinese medicine at the same time.

4. Patients who know about simple Chinese medicine and keep questioning about the prescriptions.

5. Patients who don't take medicine in a timely manner.

6. Patients who listen to the Chinese pharmacists more than the Chinese doctor and let the comments from pharmacists intercept the prescriptions.

7. Patients who don't listen to the suggestions from the doctor and think taking medicine can heal everything. For example, liver cirrhosis is caused by alcohol, but if the patient still drink even after taking medicine, how could he be healed?

8. Patients who repeat asking the same questions - which means they don't trust the doctor.

9. When the patient got serious health problem, he/she just listens to whoever's suggestions and take a lot of different medicine without any caution.

10. Patients who take a lot of unnecessary diet supplements and vitamins - they come to the doctor when they're sick, but still ask the doctor what supplements and vitamins they can still take - these people are causing more unnecessary troubles to their health.

11. Patients who got so nervous coming to the Chinese doctor after seeing western doctor and found out their health problem, and consider that as an emergency. That actually means they still trust western doctor better.

12. Patients who tried chemotherapy or certain western treatments first before coming to Chinese doctor. Because if they don't get cured, they just blame Chinese doctor and never blamed the western treatment.

Dr. Ni said he refuses to treat these 12 kinds of patients and he suggests that all traditional Chinese doctors should avoid these patients as well because these patients won't thank the doctors at all even if they're healed. If they don't get cured, it's the Chinese doctors fault. They never consider how they get the disease. However when they go to the western doctors, they'll listen to whatever they say like a pet.

It sounds a bit harsh to a lot of people, but the conclusion here is all about trust and confidence with Healthy Check. I'd say if you really want to try Healthy Check methods, you just have to believe it and give full respect, or it's better don't bother trying at all.


Make alternative healing become mainstream, discussion part 3

In part 1. I posted an article written by a few wise medical authorities called "Alternative Healing is mainstream". In part 2, I showed my support to the integration of alternative healing and making these healing methods more popular. I'm not even a doctor myself, but I know a few TCM doctors who can give thousands of examples on how Healthy Check works with "the power of simple, low-tech and low-cost" as said in the article. One of the examples I heard was from an acupuncturist. There's a middle aged guy whose three coronary arteries are already congested. He was arranged to have a coronary artery bypass surgery. However, in a physical check right before the operation, they found that one of his kidneys totally malfunctioned, so the operation got canceled to avoid the risk of dying in the operation room. However, after he went home, his friend knew about his situation and then recommended him an acupuncturist. The day when he came to the acupuncture office he was so painful on the chest, and couldn't stop the shallow and difficult breaths and of course, very nervous. The acupuncturist just had him lay down, just right after a few needles pinched into the acupoints, the chest pain is gone. After a deep breath, he told the acupuncturist that he never felt that well with his heart. 20 minutes later after pulling off the needles, he's so happy that he just knew he's already much better. He told the acupuncturist that usually he had to stop and take a breath every 10 steps. Just right after this treatment he could already walk without stopping at all. He was so surprised that acupuncture can be so efficient. When he found out the bill was just $50. He was even more amazed. If he take the surgery just for a reduction of pain, it's going to cost him $50,000. And even after the surgery, the congestions still occur, and he knows few years later he'll have to do it again. 10 days later, he faxed and told the acupuncturist after the last session and take some herb medicines, his chest pain is totally gone, and he can walk like usual and can even do some exercise. He went to the hospital and had check up. Suddenly there were no more congestion in the coronary arteries.  He immediately questioned why American medical system never use acupuncture to treat heart problems. Because it's efficient and much more affordable. There's no side effects and no need to cut a hole on your chest. This is just one of the stories the acupuncturist talked about. The point of this example here is not about how great this acupuncturist is, it's about how this example tells the new hope of the future. The economy can recover much quicker if our burden of medical expense is relieved by alternative healing methods, and President Obama probably already knew that. Alternative healing may be used as an option for bargain against the American medicines.